How To Build A Dog House

building a dog house

Building a dog house is neither difficult, nor a long-lasting process you need to spend a lot of time and money to realize.

On the contrary, you can build dog house very easily, especially if you follow our specially tailored guide.

Today, we present you a short tutorial with details, though, that can help you manage the entire building process for your puppy quite fast and with no difficulties at all.

So it takes a little bit motivation from you only to complete this project. The rest is written below.

Speaking of which, if you wonder why it is really beneficial to build dog house for your beloved puppy, here are two reasons:

  • Your dog will have its own home at the outdoors, e.g. it will have enough space and air to breathe
  • Having its own house means that it will have a place where it will be safe and clean for the dog to sleep without getting all dirty
  • Your house will be hair-free, which will save you money and time for cleaning

So if you are already enthusiastic enough, let’s get started with our free guide as to how to build dog house step by step:


  • Start with the base construction

The very first thing you need to think about is the material you will use.

Remember, the base is supposed to be insulated enough, which means dry and safe place for your puppy. So, if you live in a region with dramatic climate changes, the base must be hard enough to bear snow, wind and rain.

Take measures of your dog in order to then take measures of the ground base.

We offer you the standard suggestion of 2×4 wood boards that come along with 4 elements, as well as with 2 at 22-1/2″ long and 2 at 23″.

Attention: the sizes are suitable for a dog with medium size and a small puppy, if you want to build roomy dog house.


  • Go on with the rest of the elements

The best thing you can do is to cut of the next pieces with a sample drawn in advance.

Make sure you work slowly enough in order to get precisely cut off pieces, because in the end they are supposed to ideally match with each other.


  • Now, move to the assemble part

Build the base with the rest of the elements from the previous step.

Attaching can be done with framing pieces to the edges that are inside.

Screw properly and make sure the dog house is solid before moving to the next step. The tighter the pieces are gathered, the longer your dog will enjoy its new property.


  • Finish the building project with personalizing

You can now paint the dog house from the inside.

Of course, the main idea is mix match the shade with the rest of the exterior you have already installed. Also, place a path and something warm for cold days inside the dog house.

Arrange your puppy’s nutrition utensils nearby, as well.


Well, you are ready now!