How To Clean Old Boots

cleaning old boots

If you want to make old boots look like new again or you just have some working boots that you need to take care of you need to start with proper cleaning.

Cleaning the old boots seems an easy task, but it is not as simple as you imagine it. After all it would definitely be worth taking a good care of them as they will protect your feet even more time. There are some specific things you need to take under considerations, as well as details to be aware of in advance.

To be sure you can still wear those old boots, we are going to give you a hand in the cleaning today, with some basic guides.

Attention: boots are usually made of leather, so in the following tutorial we are going to talk about leather boots cleaning. In case you want to clean the old rubber boots, ordinary soapy water is completely enough for you to deal with the chore.

Anyway, with leather things are different. So here is how to clean old boots made of leather, guys:


  • Determine the type of the leather

If you have genuine leather boots, you need to follow the instructions on the labels.

Artificial leather is not that delicate to be worried about the detergents and the cleaning approaches you use.

On the other hand, leather can be matte and glitter.

Glitter leather requires to be polished to look fine, while matte leather is ok to be sleeked with natural oils.


  • Remove the excess of old dirt and spots

If there’s mud or some other grim type that can be scraped away from the boots, make sure to get rid of it. Use sharp knife, if necessary, but gently, not to damage the leather.


  • Prepare a universal mixture for soaking

Soaking the old boots in advance is beneficial.

First of all, it will help you to remove that leftover grim you are scared to scrape off.

Second of all, it will remove the mold and reduce the dust.

The best safe way to sake old boots is to mix 3-4 drops of dish washing soaps in 500 ml of lukewarm water. Please, keep in mind that too hot water can shrink the boots, while cool temperature will loosen them. Soaking should be nearly 30 minutes.


  • Wash and wipe the old boots

Once you get the old boots out of the soapy mixture, blot them with clean cloth.

Use the sponge, if you can still big spots and dirt all over them. For better effect remove the spots with a mixture of white vinegar and disinfection essential oil like lavender or orange.

For greasy stains, sprinkling salt can help you dissolve the fats.

Stubborn stains can be eliminated with olive oil. Just apply few drops on them and leave for a night. Then, wash and wipe with a universal commercial all-purpose cleaner.


  • Do some finishes

For maximum effect and you’ll need it as the boots are old, polish them properly in the end. But before that, make sure they are fully dried, not on a direct sunlight, but in a dark corner instead.