How To Clean Your Mouse And Keyboard

cleaning the keyborad and mouse

The keyboard and the mouse is one of the most used items in your house, and if you use it with other people, chances are that it is quite dirty.

We would advise you to wash your hands after using the computer

The truth is that during the last 5 years the use of computers and internet has increased significantly. The dirt on them must be increasing too.

This means that regular cleaning of your keyboard and your mouse is essential. We are going to help you with this important housekeeping chore, too.

Here is how to clean your mouse and keyboard.


Keyboard cleaning guide


Let’s start with the steps of the keyboard cleaning routine. Before that, know that cleaning the keyboard once in 3 months is okay.

However, if you work on your home computer, better do it once per month.

  • Turn the keyboard off. If it is wireless, remove the batteries not to write a fake e-mail to your boss by chance during the procedure.
  • Shake it up well so the biggest pieces of dirt fall.
  • There are extra small vacuum cleaners (usually made for electric devices like these), use it. Attention: car vacuum cleaner is not ok for a keyboard.
  • Wipe the keyboard finely. It is better to use a clean microfiber cloth that attracts the dust fast.
  • Now, check out if there are some big stains (out of the button zones) you should remove with special all-purpose cleanser or with ordinary paste of ammonia and lukewarm water.
  • Finish with deep disinfection by rubbing alcohol on a paper towel or rag. Pouring the alcohol directly is forbidden. You can also use toothbrush.
  • Let the keyboard fully dry before switching it on.


Mouse cleaning guide

The computer mouse is another place where the dirt gathers especially if your hobby involves frequent use of the computer.

Here are the things you need to do to have a shiny and hygienic mouse as it is like new again:

  • Turn off or unplug the mouse depending on its type. Remove the batteries, if needed.
  • Remove the dust and the dirt all over the mouse with a clean cloth.
  • Roll the scroll wheel to help dislodge anything in case there is something stuck at the backside of the mouse.
  • Get a wet wipe and thoroughly disinfect the mouse.
  • Wipe with a clean cloth once again.
  • Take a look if there are some stains to additionally remove. Use white vinegar or spray some soapy water to deal with the spot.
  • Let the mouse dry. Then, turn it on to use it clean and hygienic again.