How To Get Rid Of Flies

getting rid of common insects and flies

Flies are not just annoying and can piss even the most peaceful person in the world, but are also very harmful to our health.

They can spread bacteria and if you have a small kid or clients to take care of, flies should definitely not be around your working or living environment.

Make sure to read our specially tailored and gathered guides as to how to get rid of flies.

Attention: all of them work, just consider what suits you. And if some of the following methods do not work in your case, simply, change it with the next one.

You have a lot of options below.


  • Find the source and remove it

There are flies that are gathering at specific areas (dirty or smelly places and objects), but not lost flies.

Usually, they even spread and multiply. These flies are the worst, as a matter of fact. In most cases, the source is the toilet, something spoilt ? food, for instance. Get rid of it immediately.

  • Clean the entire house

And sometimes, it’s just the entire house too dirty and dusty, which means too attractive of all types of insects. Make sure to clean it finely and thoroughly.

  • Let the flies go away, themselves

It works, as a matter of fact. Those lost flies we were talking about above are kind of flies that will go away if you leave the windows opened for them for a while.

  • Call pest control agents

The good thing about such a service is that you will eventually forget about flies forever. Their detergents chase the flies away forever.

The bad thing is that, sometimes, these services, are not so cheap. Speaking of which, know that the final fee depends on your property size.

  • Hide all the food inside your house

This means you need to hide even your pet’s food.

Wherever the organic elements are, the flies will be attracted and then spread all around your house. Use the fridge and the kitchen cabinets. This is what they are made for, after all, right?

  • Remove the light

The lighter your house is, the more flies will come. It not just flies that the light at night can attract but butterflies, mosquitoes and various bugs.

Ok, some of you might not like living in darkness, but this will be only a temporarily measure. Once the flies are gone, you will light up the house again!

  • Beat them

The fly beaters are available in all big supermarkets and household items stores. The bad and unpleasant thing about them is that the chase is harsh and tough. If you have time, simply, kill them all.

  • White vinegar to chase the flies away

It is proven that white vinegar will chase the flies away. Prepare mixture of 400 ml lukewarm water and 30 ml white vinegar. Spray all around the premises in the property. Soon, the flies will be gone.