How To Grow A Plant Inside Of The House

flower pots at home

If you are a beginner in gardening, starting with some plants in pots at home is a good start.

But there are a lot of things to learn before making the first step to your hobby. We are here to give you the guides you need.

Here is how to start growing a plant inside of the house:


  • Considerations for the space

The good news is that you need minimum space for this hobby.

Still, depending on the species you are going to grow, it must be either dark, or sunny.

If your plant needs light, place the pot near the window.

Otherwise, put the pots on the ground next to high pieces of furniture. Wet areas are not cool to garden a plant inside of the house, so better forget about growing flowers in the bathroom.

Last, but not least, make sure the tall plants will have air to grow above, which means shelves are not good idea for them.

  • The pots ? purchase guide

Remember that no pot model can be permanent for your plants.

They are all temporary homes.

Plants need transplantation once in a while to be kept alive. Also, if the plant grows up to much, it should be moved in a bigger pot, too. It is not only about the height of the plant, because the root system gets bigger with time, too.

If at some point, there is no enough space for it to grow, the plant dies.

  • Find more information

Now, you might ask how you are supposed to know what plant needs light and when it’s time to move the plant to another pot. Well, you need to be gardening pro to ?sense? these things.

However, a beginner in the field has even a better alternative: find information for your plant type in internet. The web is full of guides for each specific species: how and when to grow, transplant, water and etc…

  • Speaking of watering

You will need a pouring tool or system for the case, so be sure to provide it. Watering is not just going to the sink and pour some water to give it to your plant.

Find out how often your plant will need the water.

It is an essential task to keep it alive. Also, the water should be of a room temperature and remained. All chloral and other chemical agents in the tap water might kill the plant, so they need to disappear, which takes about a night.

Don’t forget that you can always provide your plant with a little boost by using some nutrients-rich fertilizer

  • Choosing plants

This is the best part of the entire task – choosing your own plant.

Of course, making experiments like taking of a plant that is not a typical home plant is not ok for your first steps in this type of a hobby. It is better for you to seed something easy to be grown in advance in order to get used to.