How To Keep Your Bike Safe When Riding Long Distance

travelling with a bicycle

Whether it’s going to be a sports event you’ll participate, or you are just an ordinary bike tour lover, a long-distance ride is a thing to prepare in advance.

It is a must to consider various things for your and your bike’s safety.

First of all, be sure that you are physically prepared, because a long-distance ride means a ride outside your town or region, so there might be not so much time and possibilities for a stop to relax.

Having the right outwear and footwear equipment is also significant.

Consider some comfy shoes and optimal clothes depending on your route, as well as the weather condition that are specific for the season and the place you are heading to. Depending on the type of a travel you are making you might need some extra storage for your items. As to the bike safety, we would like to give you more instructions.

Like travelling with a car or other mean of transportation, a bike requires some things to do or be aware of. Here is how to keep your safe, when riding a long distance:


  • Be sure your bike is trouble-free

Regardless the year of your bike’s birth or the model you prefer, you need to be 100% sure that there’s no broken elements in it. Check it our yourself in advance, or for more certainty, visit a mechanical specialist, who will tell you whether the bike is ready to take you on a long-distance tour.

  • Don’t be tight-fisted, when it comes to safety

If the mechanic or you’ll observe any broker part, remember that it’s not the best time to make savings.

Spend as much money as you should to replace the broken part or to repair it. Be sure that you’ll regret not doing so if something happens on the road later.

  • Make a test drive

The best way to make sure your bike is ok for a long-distance tour is, simply, to test it. Of course, the distance would be shorter, but yet long enough to tell you if there’s something wrong with the bike.

  • Prepare for a quick bike repair

Yet, accidents happen.

And even if right now, your bike is at great condition, something bad might happen on the road.

This is why you need to be prepared. Make sure yo get to know the most common bike damages that can happen on the road.

Then, watch free video tutorials how to fix them. Internet is full of such guides. On the other side, if you have no time to watch so many videos, prepare yourself to watch them at the particular accident moment.

For this, you’ll need fully charged smartphone with fine wi-fi internet connection. Have a solar charger for the phone in your backpack.

It is important for your safety in case of a worse accident that might happen to you.


Do not underestimate the matter of safety on the road, when you are with your bike and plan a long-distance ride. And, yes, have a nice and secured time!