How To Keep Your Feet Safe During Construction

How to keep your feet safe when constructing something

Being on the construction field is tough.

It’s not just one of those heavy-duty job positions you are so unlucky to handle, if office work is not for you, but also very dangerous.

Indeed, if you do not take the security measures you are thought and instructed to take, catastrophic things might happen to you and to your health.

Moreover: you need to always be careful for various threatens like falling objects, uneven surfaces, cutting yourself, slipping and etc…

Feet are those body parts that in most cases are in non-stop risk during the construction work.

This is why we believe it would be useful for you to read our guides as to how to keep your feet safe when constructing something. Because, you don’t have to be a real constructor to construct something and while doing it, to harm your foot…


If you are an expert and construction is your job, the variety of professional work shoes is what you need to consider from the very beginning after your assignment.

Most of these shoes have anti-slippery design, as well as heavy shape to protect you. Plus ? they are very comfy in addition to that there is wide arrange of heavy-duty slip-on boots that you can use. And if you are constructing something incidentally, simply, wear your most convenient and solid shoes.


  • Attention with the ladder!

Statistics say that 67% of the construction incidents that end up with feet trauma are connected to the wrong usage of ladder.

Indeed, it sounds awkward, especially when there are so many more dangerous and tricky tools, right?

However, the wrong approach (literally!) to the ladder might cause you fall, dislocation and pain. Experts recommend people to follow at least the basic rule: keep your strongest leg always forward and ahead when climbing the ladder.


  • Use your feet at a full value.

Another wrong thing you can do, when constructing something, is to use your toes and stepping like a ballerina, but not in a total balance. Well, it’s not good and it’s very risky for your feet.


  • Speaking of which, protect your toes.

A hit on the toe is quite painful. And you know that. Safety boots are good idea to protect them, but also watching your steps is essential during the construction process.

Steel toes can be used to protect yourself from injuries, as well. You can find such in professional building and construction stores. Also, ordering them via internet is also possible. Plus ? they are not so expensive.


  • Have first-aid kid nearby.

Cuts and slipper accompanied by a fall are possible, though. And sometimes no matter how attentive and careful you are, no matter how safe your boots are, you might harm your feet.

In order to avoid any traumas, act against the injury immediately. If you are in a panic or you see first-aid kit is not enough, call a doctor right away. The construction job can for sure wait a little bit.