How To Keep Your Gloves Smelling Good

taking care of training gloves

Whether you are a professional boxing player, or you use boxing gloves for the gym relaxation and your regular workout, you might want to learn the secret for the nice-smelling gloves.

Making your gloves fresh and hygienic, as a matter of fact, should not be that hard for you. And if they are your main training accessories, find out how to treat them finely.

Here is how to keep your gloves smelling nice:


  • Start with your personal hygiene habits

If you want your gloves to be clean and good-smelling, you need to keep your hands fresh and clean as much as possible.

Of course, sweating is normal during workout. However, at least start training clean. On mandatory, wash your hand before wearing the gloves.

  • In case sweating during workout is too heavy

You’ll have to do something about it. Not only the gloves will be smelling nastily, but you’ll feel inconvenience.

Keeping your hands in sweaty wet environment does not let you to move and use them in the best way.

So wraps can be a good alternative for some refreshment during workout. To avoid sweating and bad smell, apply a little bit talc on your palms in advance.

  • Never leave your gloves wet

Whether you wash, or you store them somewhere till the next workout, be sure that your gloves are not left wet after training.

They should be dry and then put in the cabinet for storage. Otherwise, except for the bad smell, you will face mold, which is very harmful and dangerous for your health.

  • Use handy devices to dry the gloves

Like putting the hair dryer inside the gloves to make them dry as quickly ans you can. This is a good trick, if you had no time for more detailed cleaning and drying.

  • Now, find out the best approach to clean the gloves

Prepare a mixture of soapy water with mild dish washing detergent or use a specially tailored athletic cleaning detergent. Adding white vinegar is a good idea, because it can help you get rid of the sweaty smell. Essential oils are also fine for refreshment.

  • Using anti-odor products is also ok

Those products you use for the smelly shoes are ok for your boxing gloves, excluding the cases there is a special prescription for the gloves on their label.

  • Ice for anti-smell procedure

Putting the boxing gloves on ice is really nice for an eco-friendly bad odor removal. Make sure you dry them afterwards, though.

  • Do not share your gloves!