How To Replace A Bike Tire

bicycle tire

Having a bicycle is not just having fun down the road, but also being prepared for extreme and emergency situations.

For example, are you aware how to replace bike tire?

As a matter of fact, this is the most common incident that can occur you, while riding your bike. So instead of calling a friend or a parent to help you out in an emergency situation, better find out today how to deal with it.

Here is the full guide that will teach you how to replace bike tire fast, safely and on a budget.


  • Make sure the nuts are loosened to start

The nuts we are talking about are those that put the axle and the frame together.

It is important for you to know that these nuts are in most cases very tightly stuck. So to make your work easier, use lubricant to loosen them up. If you don’t have silicone lubricant at hand, use vegetable oil.

After applying the lubricant, loosen and take the nuts out.

  • Get rid of the brakes

Some bicycle models have them to support the wheels.

You need to at first release them in order to move on to the next step. There are also models with cables for additional connection between the wheels and the brakes. Remove them, too.

  • Get the wheel out

You need to remove the wheel out of the frame.

For this purpose lift the chain, but shift it in advance to make it easier. But if the wheel is not rear, but a front one, you will not need to loosen anything.

  • Now, tube deflation is ahead

Make sure it is deflated completely.

To do so, simply press down on the inner valve part. The air in the tube is supposed to be fully out. Also, it’s the time to get rid of the lock ring. It is the ring that screws on the stem.

  • Move to the tire beads…

They need to be loosened, too, because they are tightly connected to the rim. Just squeeze the tire to the rim and when the air is out, you will see it released.

Now, remove the tire easily.

  • Get id of the tube

Make sure it is fully out of the bicycle.

  • Find pumps of air to fill the punctured tube

Also, inspect the tube if there is no air leak.

Be aware of holes you can miss or make during the procedure. Here is one smart solution, simply, place the tube inside water.

If there are bubbles, there’s a hole.

  • Repair the tube or find a new one

Whether you are going to patch, or replace the old tube with a new one, be sure it is ok before putting it on your bike. Then, get rid of the plastic dust cap. Now, lock the ring.

  • Continue with the new tube placement

Place it in a way to avoid twisting. Also, fill the tube with few pumps of air. Now, put all the left pieces back on the bike mechanism.

You are done!