How To Use And Take Care Of The Gardening Tools

gardening tools maintenance

It takes a lot to forget hobbies like going shopping and having your nails done in order to replace them with gardening.

However, it takes a little bit to fall in love with gardening.

In general this is one of the most common hobbies you can meet in people.

Because, after all, both: men and women love gardening. But before start loving gardening, a long-term preparation, learning and educating process should be passed.

The first thing you need to know as a beginner in gardening is how to use gardening tools. Here are the basics you need to keep in mind:

Find out how to use gardening tools that are specially made for the top 3 common gardening chores: soil preparation, watering, plant maintenance.


Below, you will meet some short, but useful information about the most common gardening tools for these chores. Learn how to use them:

  1. Preparing the soil
  • Use spades and shovels to dig and move the soil.
  • Use hand trowel to close up the soil, when growing a plant in the ground, but mainly for one-handed performance. The hand trowel is also very suitable to get rid of the weeds.
  • Use garden fork to aerate the soil, as well as in more complex chores in a combo with spades and shovels, mainly for digging in case the soil is too dense.


  1. Watering the plants
  • Use watering can, because this is the most budget-friendly tool for watering plants whether maintained at the outdoors, or kept inside the property.
  • Use garden hose if you have larger area to water. This is a good gardening tool for hot weather pouring of flowers and bushes.


  1. Maintenance of plants
  • Don’t forget the importance of the soil fertilizing over time as this can make you plants grow even faster. By using a good spreader you can make the process of fertilizing even easier.
  • Use shears, when you need longer blades for more precise cutting (like dealing with delicate flower species, for instance). Shape up plants with them


How to take care of the gardening tools


The better you care for your gardening tools, the longer you will lose then, which is why gardening equipment maintenance is an important part of our guide.

Here are some basic cares to consider:

  • Clean every gardening tool after use ? regardless if it is high tech, or common like a hose.
  • Use bristle brush for tools that get inside the soil, because they are filled with bacteria that can affect your living our outdoor space, too.
  • Use putty knife in case there are old damages or stains you want to remove from your gardening tools.
  • Avoid leaving gardening tools wet. Make sure to dry them after exploitation.
  • Oil the cutting gardening tools to make them sharp for as long as you can.
  • Have a strict organization for the gardening tools storage. If you need to, free an entire premise for more space.