Hubsan H111D Nano Q4 FPV Review

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Hubsan H111D Nano Q4 FPV

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On November 6, 2016
Last modified:November 6, 2016


Hubsan brand presents its consumer the model: Nano H111D FPV Q4 drone, which has very good technical indicators. This modification is of very small size, which can be implemented by easy manipulations of 360 degrees. With its multicolored LEDs lamps the drone makes a truly compelling flight performance, especially in the dark. Not without reason the Hubsan Nano FPV Q4 is called the smallest FPV drone in the world, but its small dimensions in no way can be at the expense of its quality and innovative technical parameters. Although it seems frail and fragile, it is made of material robust enough to withstand the loads and unexpected events which the underlying test drive the drones from this model show.

Technical features:

  • Broadcast frequency – 2,4 G.
  • 4 channels
  • 4 axial gyroscope
  • Flight time – 5,5- 6.5 minutes
  • Maximum radius of the flight – 50 meters
  • Maximum speed of horizontal flight – 10 m/sec
  • Battery – LiPo- 3,4 In (1S) 180 mAh. It is equipped with a security module that protects the drone of overcharging
  • Battery of the remote device – 4 * AA.
  • Size of the drone – 6,8 * 6, 8 * 2,5 cm.
  • Weight of the drone plus battery –  8 g
  • Drone camera – 720 P, FPV, photos and video monitor can play recordings with very good quality
  • Engine (without core) – 0614 x4 (140).
  • Transmitter – 5,8 G, has 4.3 LCD
  • Along with the obligatory components in the kit the holders receive drone balance charging cable, video goggles for HD, DHT for qx90

Pros of the model:

  • Hubsan Nano FPV Q4 quadcopter is multifunctional and its 720 pixel camera placed on the flying device, FPV, takes photos and records with excellent quality and displays them on the monitor.
  • Another plus of the drone is its battery, which has a security module, which protects it from recharging.
  • Quadcopter propellers are made also by strong material and withstand perfect 5-6 minute flight, and there are 4 spare propellers in the set.
  • Drone develops high speed and this is another plus. Do not use it for entertainment in a confined space.
  • Performance of Hubsan Nano FPV Q4 is good for its dimensions and weight and it flies very well if no strong wind is present, while keeping a stable balance. It is especially important for one to have constant communication with the drone and continuous signal!
  • When tested it gives good results when flying in large size sports hall, where it may be observed.
  • Another plus is the full rotor engine of the quadcopter, which is more powerful and more efficient than the conventional engines.

Cons of the model:

  • As a downside of the drone can be noted the narrow angle of its camera view
  • Since it can easily fit in a man’s hand it is a bit difficult to be monitored optically in open spaces.

Who is it for?

This type of drone is an ideal tool for fun and is perfect for beginners because it is controlled relatively easily, while the drone seems constantly ready to take off at any moment!