Hubsan Nano Q4 Plus Review

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Nano Q4 Plus

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On October 22, 2016
Last modified:October 28, 2016


Great, small and useful drone for drone enthusiasts.

This is one of Hubsan mini drone models, distinguished with its attractive look and spectacular microscopic dimensions, performing maneuvers of 360 degrees. Its eccentric appearance makes it even more special when demonstrating the multicolored LED lights in the dark.

The external design in white and red, makes it a unique toy, very stylish and representable, classifying it is a part of the numerous Hubsan models. It is delivered in a stylish package as well.

The test drive of the drone has shown stable flight, as well as the reviews stated by the those owning it. In case of emergency you can instantly get spare parts for the drone and replace them fast and easy.

Technical features

  • Battery of the flying body: 3,7 V 150 mAh, LiPo, powerful enough to execute successfully its intended flight ? included in the kit of the drone
  • Battery transmitter: 2 X AAA standard batteries, which are not included in the kit of the drone
  • Transmission frequency: 2,4 G.
  • It has 4 channel transmitter ascent / descent; back and forth; left right; left / right turn; quick, sharp flight and others
  • Gyro Hubsan Nano Q4 plus with 6 axes, the system makes the drone more stable, more operational, helps it to perform more flexible and smooth flight.
  • Time of flying – 5 – 7 minutes.
  • Charging time is approximately 30 minutes.
  • Distance of operation – about 30 meters.
  • Height of the flight – about 30 meters.
  • Quadcopter dimensions – 4,5 x 4,5x 2,3 cm.
  • Drone weight – 17.8 g.
  • Camera – HD, 720 P, snap a photo / video.


Pros of the quadcopter

  • It has a ?headless? mode, which allows the flying device to eliminate the necessity to regulate the starting position of the drone before flight?
  • Can perform scroll 360 degrees, maneuvering forward / backward, up / down, left / right.
  • Easily assembled, you can instantly proceed with flying.
  • It has a security module battery, which protects it from overcharging.
  • High quality LiPo battery.
  • There are spare blades and a USB cable for charging the quadcopter computer battery.
  • The drone can perform spectacular flights at outdoor/indoor larger spaces.
  • Makes a light show at night in the open, thanks to its multicolored LED lights found on the hull of the drone.


Cons of the drone

An indicated disadvantage is the minimum set of features and small size of the control panel of the drone, but it corresponds to the dimensions of the Nano drone. We recommend that you always control it in a distance!

Who is it for?

Hubsan Nano Q4 Plus quadcopter is very suitable for attractive demonstrations of indoor and outdoor areas. It can be used both by beginners and by people who have some experience in radio managed quadcopter. The flight of this drone is surprisingly stable and sustainable for its size, and although the air time is relatively short, it can still delight their owners by helping them spend their free time indulgently.

Great, small and useful drone for drone enthusiasts.