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Hubsan X4
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On October 19, 2016
Last modified:October 19, 2016


The new version of the upgraded Hubsan X4 V2h107 quadcopter, RTF is now presented to your attention. The material which the drone is made of is composite plastic. According to owners of the device, the upgraded Hubsan X4 is a great radio controlled device, very durable and attractive, and the supply and replacement of spare parts is quick and easy. It is able to carry sharp falls and rises up into the air. Maneuverable and fast model that is very easy and simple to manage. It has 4 soft pads – which act as a buffer and protect the drone from rough landing or a sudden drop when in flight mode.

Technical features

  • Hubsan x4 RC quadcopter.
  • Engine (X4): Coreless Motor. The engine of the renewed modification of the drone is being protected from loss in an accident in the air.
  • Transmission frequency: 2,4 GHz.
  • Powerful battery – 3,7 V, 240 mAh, LiPo, battery weight – 35 g.
  • Time to charge the battery – 30-40 minutes.
  • Flight time- over 9 minutes (10-12 min.)
  • Top 6 axis contemporary system for flight control, gyroscope for adjustable sensitivity of the flight control. Thanks to these components the drone carries out a balanced and stable flight.
  • 4 Ways flip – left, right, forward, and backward.
  • USB charging, cable for charging via computer.
  • 4 pads for cushioned landing.
  • The upgraded Hubsan x4 has 4 pieces of LED lights – front and side color LEDs.
  • The drone has an advanced SMT oscillator.
  • Anti-flip function is added in Expert mode in order to reinforce the effect of the flight.
  • Remote control distance – 100 meters.
  • Weight of the flying device + battery ? 140g – 157 g.
  • 4 channels, non-core
  • Transmitter battery – 4 AAA (not included in the kit).
  • GPS – automatically setting of the height and location.

Pros of the drone

  • Lightweight casing, very strong and durable material the device is made of.
  • There is added protection of the propellers during flight if unexpected events occur.
  • LED lighting providing very comfortable and spectacular night flight.
  • Stable in an expert mode.
  • Having a mode determining the height and the exact location of the drone.
  • It is easy to master the finer details of its management, as the drone behaves very well while in the air, it is agile and stable!
  • Easy to maintain, very good model of a flying device.
  • Flashing LED lights, emitting diodes offer very spectacular breathtaking view at night.

Cons of the drone

According to some owners of this model its disadvantage is that the original Hubsan x4 battery wear exhaust fast and need frequent charging. An additional battery is needed such as 380 mAh, in order to enjoy a long flight!

Who is it for?

The drone is very suitable for beginners in the field of radio-controlled devices; it is maneuverable and fast, easy to be controlled in the air. With its 4-core engine, it performs a stable and a solid flight. Excellent option to introduce beginners in the field of remote controlled flying devices. It is suitable for everyone who likes smaller toys, especially if they fly. Maintenance is easy, just charge it and let it fly!