Hubsan X4 Plus H107D+ FPV Review

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X4 Plus H107D+ FPV

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On November 6, 2016
Last modified:November 6, 2016


The model Hubsan FPV x4 plus H 107 D + 2 MP wide angle HD camera is very popular and sought drone device.  It is able to perform maneuvers of 360 degrees and has powerful LED illumination and, which gives it a very attractive appearance, especially in the dark. The drone design is actually quite impressive – designed in classic black and white combination and lightweight body. The material from which it is made is notable for strength and durability, has LED lamps and rubber to soften the landing. There is an advanced system for flight control, 6 axes with adjustable sensitivity of the gyroscope, which gives stability and balance of the flight.


  • Dimensions of the drone: Body length- 4,3 in / 109 mm; Body width- 3,7 in / 94 mm; Body height- 1,5 in / 37 mm.
  • The engine Is coreless (x4) 0820.
  • The transmitter has technical parameters customized for the model – 2,4 GHz.
  • It has 4 channel for control.
  • The transmission frequency of the video image is 2,4 GHz + 5,8 GHz. The video is transmitted in real time distance of 100 meters.
  • The battery is again LiPol – 3,7 V 520 mAh, the time for a full charge before the flight of the drone device is about 30 minutes. If it is not fully charged, the battery automatically stops working.
  • The control distance is 50-100 meters.
  • The time in which the drone is in the air is 7 minutes.
  • HD camera with extended recording 720 P, the lens has a wide angle  – 5,8 g, FPV-2 MP.
  • There is an advanced system for flight control, 6 axial, adjustable sensitivity of the gyroscope.

 Pros of the drone:

  • Effective appearance.
  • Modern control system of Hubsan FPV x4 Plus provides stability and balance of the flight.
  • Built-in HD camera is a great advantage. The captured video can be instantly viewed on the screen of the transmitter. Translation of the video is done on the control panel and the wide panorama HD camera transmits at any time of the flight mode vivid color images displayed on the transmitter with translation of the video live.
  • The frequency of 5,8 GHz allows to transmit stable image with rare disorders of the HD picture in 100 meters away.
  • This drone model  is suitable not only for beginners, but for experienced ?pilots? as well who have flown drones before. Hubsan FPV x4 plus is behaving quite well during their stay in the air, reacting promptly to all commands submitted by the remote transmitter.
  • Translation of the video takes place on the control panel.
  • The drone flies equally well indoors and in open spaces.
  • Charging is conducted via a cable to the USB port of the computer,
  • The drone set includes spare propellers.

Cons of the drone:

  • As a disadvantage is noted that the memory card- SD Micro SDHC Class 6,2 – 16 G is not part of the assembly of the flying device.

In addition to a lighting show on the street at night, Hubsan FPV x4 plus can provide comfort and pleasure at home, to delight children and adults!