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Spy Hawk

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On October 23, 2016
Last modified:November 3, 2016


One of the surprises that Hubsan produced for their fans is the radio-controlled flying device Spy Hawk, RTF, with electric built-in camera and a control panel with integrated monitor, allowing translation of the image in real time. Spy Hawk is equipped with 5 MP camera; records video to the SD memory card and simultaneously translates picture on the built-in LCD control panel. The device can fly in the air for up to 15 minutes; the built-in autopilot helps coping with the wind. The model is controlled in proportion to the four channels using the ailerons, rudder and rudder control height, but can also smoothly regulate the engine speed. Turn on / off recording video, and activation of the autopilot is carried out remotely via the console buttons.

Technical features

Hubsan H301S Spy Hawk, 5.8 G, 4 CH, FPV RC airplane type RTF with GPS module.

  • Propellers scope – 1000 mm
  • General length – 750 mm
  • Fuselage height – of 200 mm / 7.87 inches.
  • Weight when flying – 355 g
  • Time of the flight – 20-30 minutes, depending on the weather conditions
  • Engine – 1812, brushless, KV 3200
  • Battery 7,4 V, 1300 mAh
  • ESC- 12 A Brushless
  • A red LED number and a green LED.
  • Transmitter – 2,4 GHz 4 channels
  • Video + Audio: 5,8 GHz transmission module video recording
  • HD camera – 1920 * 1080
  • FOV. 120 degree wide angle
  • Distance to transmit video in real time-1000 m
  • Autopilot module
  • GPS system and RTH
  • Memory  card – Micro SDHC
  • Class 2G- 32 G

Pros of the model

  • Full 1080 P HD Camera, very high image quality  
  • Return to home Function – if the drone suffers an accident or has lost radio signal from the transmitter it automatically returns to the starting point of the flight.
  • The GPS allows the device to return alone and land successfully, and with its help ensure greater accuracy and positions detention in the air at a certain height.
  • Combining management system function – 2,4 GHz, transmitting the image 5,8G
  • Axles autopilot system
  • OSD module included in the kit.
  • Hubsan Video glasses are good to have
  • The flying object is made of particularly robust foam material, which is very resistant to external influences.
  • It has good maneuverability thanks to the push-pull tube fins.
  • The lights do not allow you to lose sight of it during night, and help taking very impressive picture in the dark.
  • In the kit is included original control panel, with operating frequency of 2,4 GHz, with integrated screen – diagonal of 4.3 inches, runs up to 1500 meters.

Cons model

  • Specific deficiencies during flight are not mentioned so far.

Who is it for?

Owning Spy Hawk of Hubsan can be beneficial for more experienced drone users who are more than 14 years old and are willing to experience the unforgettable journey of this flying device in the search of memories in the open space or spacious halls. It doesn?t limit your imagination and you can fulfill your desire to venture and explore from the air in real time.