Top 6 Quality Sound Car Speakers | Reviews and Recommendations for 2020

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If you want to build a good car stereo system, the one of the most important things is the speakers that you would use. They produce the sound that you hear with your ears and high quality speakers as you can tell, produce clearer and pleasant for the ears sound.

If you have or want to have subwoofers in the trunk, your speakers are even more important, because you risk to hear heavy bass but almost nothing from the mid and the high range, because of weak and low powered speakers.

So if you want to improve the stereo system in your car, you should start with the component speakers. Get some good quality ones from which you can expect nice bass and very clear mids and highs.

If you don’t know what to choose from so many products on the market, don’t worry, we will help you to do that.

From all of the leading manufacturers like JBL, Boss, Alpine, Kenwood, Pioneer, Kicker, Sony, JVC, Clarion, Rockford Fosgate, Infinity and others we choose the best in terms of price, quality, features and overall pleasant sound experience.


Rockford Fosgate R165X3 3-Way Car Speakers

Rockford Fosgate is one of the big stereo manufacturers, making not only automotive, but home and even marine audio.

From them we can suggest the 3-way speakers R165X3. The 6.5 ones have great bass and overall sound clarity and come in a very good price. Their maximum power handling is 90 watts.

The speakers are made from stamped steel (for the basket) and polypropylene cone and rubber for the surroundings.

They have dome tweeters in the middle for more clear mids and highs and you get even a crossover to adjust the tweeters to your personal taste.

The package is full with mounting hardware and grills. And last, but not least, this model have really great bass qualities.


BOSS Audio NX654 Onyx 6.5″ 4-Way Speakers

Boss audio is great brand, nowadays famous with their low on price but high on quality car audio.

If you need subwoofers, head units, speakers and other things for your car stereo, you can look all of the products of the brand.

The NX654 speakers are 6,5-inches and 4-way, which guarantees powerful enough and clear sound. They can handle up to 400 watts’ maximum power and continuous you can give them up to 200 watts.

For the price you get two speakers which can produce frequencies from 65Hz to 20kHz with sensitivity of 90dB.

thing that you can count as a con is that to hear their full potential, you will have to turn the volume up more than normal.

And if you don’t need 6,5-inches speakers, this model comes in different sizes – 4-inches, 5,25-inches and 6×9-inches.


Kenwood KFC-6965S 3-Way Speakers

Kenwood is manufacturer more famous with its car stereo head units, but they make pretty decent car speakers too.

The KFC-6965S model is 3-way and it is very good for budget projects. As the model name suggests these are 6×9-inches with 400 watts’ maximum power and 45 watts’ RMS.

The speakers have 2-inches built-in tweeters for more quality in the high and vocal section and 0.5-inches ceramic tweeter for full sound picture.

For the price, these speakers are great with good mids, vocals and bass. Don’t expect bass like from a subwoofer thought, but you will be satisfied.


JVC CS-J620 2-Way Car Speakers

Another budget oriented speaker system, this time from JVC.

These are great if you want to upgrade your old original car speakers to listen clearer sound. The size of the CS-J620 is 6,5-inches and they will give you some good bass and clarity for the price.

Don’t expect the bass would shake the whole car, but you will definitely see or more accurately hear the difference.

The speakers can handle up to 300 watts’ max power and 30 watts’ RMS.

They are 2-way with 1-inch poly-ether tweeter for more clear highs. Their sensitivity is 92dB which is great even to be played only on head unit without amplifier.


Pioneer TS-A1676R 3-Way Speaker Pair

Speaking about the big fishes in the audio manufacturing business, Pioneer is one of them.

You can expect from them great quality head units, speakers, subwoofers and whole audio systems. The TS-A1676R are 3-way speakers with great power handling of 50 watts’ nominal.

The overall sound experience from this pair of speakers is great, especially if you are looking for hard kicking bass and clear mid-ranges.

The vocals and the highs are bit lower but not a deal breaker. If you use amplifier for these little beasts, you can balance them to the perfect sounding.


Jaras JJ-2646 3-Way Car Speakers

We won’t hide it, this set of speakers is the best bang for the buck we ever heard.

You might not know about this American brand, but Jaras are making some good quality cheap audio.

The JJ-2646 are great looking in cobalt blue and they are 6,5-inches with maximum power handling of 360 watts.

For clearer mids and highs they have 1-inch neodymium dome and 0.75-inches piezo tweeter, so yes, that means that they are 3-way. As we mentioned, the speakers are really cheap but definitely with high sound quality.

They produce good bass with not a slight distortion and clear mids and vocals. In the package you will get all the needed hardware to install the speakers in your car.