Best Affordable Wallets for Kids – Top Products Reviewed for 2020

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Kids nowadays play with a lot of technology gadgets, though from time to time they need to use the “old stuff” like watches and wallets. Wallets for kids are great to make them keep their allowance and valuables safe. They can put collectible items like cards and even their pictures and more in them.

This is one of the first things they can get as a gift that will help them towards learning and understanding the need to take care of their cash.

A valuable gift for any child.

A lot of people remember their first wallet that their parents or grandparents gave them. It was a symbol. Something more than just a regular wallet – it meant that you’ve grown up.

Besides how could you spend your cash and making that really cool wallet shrink in size?

Most of the kids wallets are pretty affordable and of good quality. They also have interesting designs so the kids do find them really cute and great. Some of the things you need to consider when looking for the best wallet for your child are:

  • they should have plenty of space for the ID card and other cards.
  • they should ideally have zippers for the coins.
  • made using good quality materials.
  • shouldn’t be too big.


Despicable Me Minions Authentic Licensed Trifold Wallet

The Despicable Me minions is another interesting choice for kids wallet. After all who doesn’t like them? Not just the kids but even the parents have a soft spot for those little yellow fellows. The wallet features the minions from the Despicable Me movies at the front. The price is good too.

The wallet is with 4.5″ x 3″ (closed) size. Which is great for kids. It is easy to use it and interesting to look. The tri-fold design is great and has enough of room for the kid’ valuables to be stored.

There is a bill and ID place too. It has outer and inner zipper pockets.

MINECRAFT wallet for kids

This wallet is affordable and it offers comfortability and great looks. It is ideal options for kids that love to play games, especially minecraft. The wallet offers standart pockets and is made with durable polyester nylon. It has money pockets, 4 card pockets and has great design.


Nike’s Basic Wallet

The Nike’s basic wallet is great option for kids that do not want bright colors. If you are after something more stylish this might be the one for you.

It has clean and good looking simple design. It is a bit more expensive than the other options but still great option for your kid.

It is clean design, features just the logo of Nike at the front.

The wallet is made of polyester and it has tri-fold design. There is external zippered pocket which is a great little feature if you want to be extra safe. On top of that it will allow you to safely store coins and bills and there is plenty of space for the cards to be stored in.

It is easy to use, comfortable and good looking wallet.


Dreamworks Trolls Authentic Licensed Children Trifold Wallet

Trolls Children Wallet is great tri-fold wallet with good design. Great option for kids. It is affordable and good looking. It has zipper (outside and inside too).

It has enough room and it not big. Easy to use and carry for your kids.

It has the Trolls at the front of the wallet. Its design is interesting and comfortable too.

The wallet’s size when closed is 4.75″ x 3.0″.

It is made with good quality materials and has enough room for most of the kids stuff. There are compartments for ID too.


Disney’s Princess Authentic Licensed Trifold Wallet

The Disney Princess tri-fold wallet is great for little girls that enjoy the Disney stories.

It has good looking design and featured princess at the front of the wallet. The pink color makes it look really cute
and looks like a toy. It has tri-fold style and is not big so it could be comfortably used by kids.

The wallet is at good price range too.

There is front and inner pockets. Place for cards and cash there is place for coins too.

Buyer Guide


When you want to get a great present for a kid, kids wallet is interesting idea. Kids love toys and stuff then can use, especially wallets that can be safe keepers for money, coins, cards and many more important items for them.
The theme of the wallet, should be considered, because kids care about that a lot, they want to have useful, but also cool and interesting item. So the topic or theme of the wallet should be picked as such to represent the interests of the kid, so make sure to look what they enjoy doing or watching, or if you are getting the wallet for a gift, ask them few questions to find out their interest, whether you ask them directly or through friends or family.

Pick wallets that match their idea of the perfect wallet. There are many themes available on the market, starting from general stuff like flowers and toys, all the way to specific characters from kids films.


The size of the wallet is important too, you should get good idea of the size, based on the kid as well. If the kid is little girl that wants to keep everything in her purse/wallet , then get 1 pocket wallet with zipper and bigger size. This way the kid could store many items in the wallet and would enjoy it a lot more.
If, however the kid prefers smaller wallets, consider the foldable wallets with zippers, they have plenty of space, but don’t take up too much space, so kids can easily carry them in their pockets.


Pick a wallet that would lasts, especially since kids don’t protect their stuff as well as adults do. Pick wallets made from high quality PU leather or polyethylene, or other material that could be strong and scratch resistant and durable. So kids can enjoy having cool , but also high quality wallet.

Types of wallets

There are many types of wallets available on the market, and they all have their purpose. So before picking the type, you should get idea of what kind of wallet might the kid need.
There are bifold, trifold,slim,large,travel,taxi,belt,wrist, neck and even more.
So take a look at what they look like to get a better idea, just do a quick google image size search and you can get a better idea of each type of wallet you can choose for the kid.