The 5 Best Ball Hoppers for Kids – Reviews and Recommendations 2020

best ball hoppers for kids

Everyone should stay active. And this is even more true for kids nowadays more than ever. With all the technology it is very easy to settle for a more sedentary life from young age.

Being active is associated with a whole myriad of health benefits.

And bouncing around especially with a big ball can be a very fun activity. Even adults are guilty of that pleasure. There are bouncy balls for adults too that are bigger in diameter. But here we are focusing on the kids alone.

One of the most important aspects when buying a bouncy hopper ball is the materials. they should be durable enough to withstand heavy usage. On another hand the materials should be safe for the kids.

The balls must be up to standard. Then we are only left with the design and the size of them. Depending on what you want for your kid the choices can be a lot and very daunting. Here we have given you the best hopper balls on the market today.


Best Hopper Ball for Girls – by WALIKI

The WALIKI ball hopper is for kids older than 3 years old, and up to 6 years old. It is 18 inches. It is great way for your kid to have fun bouncing around. Since activity is scarce nowadays kids can enjoy it instead of watching TV or using the phone.

Jumping around the house is great for kids, and they will spend some energy and be overall more active.

The ball is affordable and made with quality materials so your kid can enjoy it longer.

It is easy to be inflated, there is double action hand pump included with the ball. It takes under 5 minutes to be fully ready for the jumping.

The ball is ASTM-F963 safety standard , free of banned phthalates too.


Best Hopper Ball for Boys – by WALIKI

This toy is more suitable for boys. It has blue design and offers a lot of fun for your kids. It should be used by kids between ages of 3 and 6 years.

The ball is easy to inflate and it comes with hand pump which can be used to inflate the ball in under 5 minutes.

Then your kids can enjoy the jumping around the house and spending some energy doing fun stuff. Having a hop ball like this one can be a very good way to spend some times with your kids too. Besides being more active means they will have better sleep quality instead of sitting around and watching TV.

The ball is made with quality materials and is 18 inches.


Bouncy Ball With Handles – by WALIKI

The ball is great, it has different than the standard ball design. It comes in different animal shapes.

It is a bit more expensive than the regular balls for jumping but kids can enjoy it. The best thing is that it is plush covered.

The ball offers fun activity for kids between 3 and 5 years old.

It comes with double-action pump which can help you inflate the ball for under than 5 minutes. Then your kids can enjoy some jumping around the house.


Red Horse Hopper, Pump Included – by Apple Round Global Trading LLC

This is a bit different in design. It is horse shaped hopper toy. It is interesting and offers fun time for the kids.

Its size is 23 inches from nose to tail and the seat height is 11 inches. There is two-way hand pump included in the package for easy inflation of the toy.

The toy offers a lot of fun and is affordable.

The toy should be used by kids older than 3 years old.

It doesn’t contained US banned phthalates and heavy metal elements. It conforms the safety requirements of EU EN71, US CPSIA & ASTM F963.


Best Small Jumping Ball – by AppleRound

This jumping ball has interesting design. It definitely a small one measuring at only 15 inches in diameter. It is suited for kids between 3 and 5 years old.

There is a pump included in the package. The ball is affordable and interesting toy for kids to play around the house.

For quick inflation of the ball take out the inserted white plug from the ball, insert the tip of the pump and inflate to ball to good size. Replace the white plug back into the hole quickly.

The ball is made with quality materials and doesn’t contain US banned phthalates and heavy metals. It conforms to the safety requirements of EU En71 , US CPSIA & ASTM F963.