The Best Adjustable Desk Risers – Recommendations for 2020

standing desk risers

Sitting on your chair for many hours, has many downsides.

It is not good for your body in general, your tendons, your joints, your back, your blood and the list can go on.

I’m sure everyone working on a desk knows what we are talking about. People often times say the perfect job is an office job. But it has its downsides too.

If you like your job and have to spend many hours behind the desk, there is different option. There are adjustable risers that can be put on top of your desk.

They are great option for people that spend many hours behind the desk but don’t want to sit for many hours. It is great idea to switch from sitting to standing position every now and then and the good news is that the best desk risers can do that. Many people do not recommend sitting for more than few hours a day. You should give your joints and your body enough rest from that work.


VIVO’s Adjustable Standing Desk Riser – Best Standing Desk Riser

The VIVO’s standing desk converter is great option for working people that need to spend a lot of time behind the desk. It is also great for people that play games and do other fun activities at the computer.

It is really comfortable, and good looking. You can easily switch between standing and sitting throughout a long work day which is great for your body. It is better not to spend a lot of hours sitting, so switching to standing has good benefits for your body such as improved joint and tendon health less stress on your bones and many more.

The top platform rests 6.5″ from your desk surface in sitting position and 16″ when at maximum height. That is a lot of adjustability. The desk comes almost assembled. You just have to attach the feet.

This riser is quite sturdy, it has steel frame combined with innovative gas spring power, this helps the desk hold weights up to 37.5 pounds. It is stylish and modern looking which is good for many different interior designs and good overall look of the desk and office or home you are working in.

The gas spring lift offers great and smooth height adjustment, It is easy to use it. The desk has 8 points of height adjustment allowing you to adjust for better comfort levels. Counterbalance tension adjusts to the weight of your desk.

The riser allows for plenty of room for writing, drawing and more activities. The two-tier system keeps your keyboard and mouse on separate 28″ by 9″ surface. Which is comfortable for your hands and wrists. The top 36″ x 22″ surface is great for two side by side monitors along with some accessories like writing stuff, notebooks, and more. The small storage tray on the front top surface is great for storing other supplies and tools too. The desk has monitor mount compatibility.

SDADI’s Mobile Stand Up Desk – Best Cheap Standing Desk

This desk is another option.

It is perfect for laptops and the cheap price is making it very affordable.

It has adjustable height that can be changed from 27.5 to 45.3 inches The motel is great for most users. You can use it for home and or office and it can be used for computer and other supplies.

There is separated front panel and back panel. The computer will be protected by the stopper on the front panel.

There are ABS mute wheels with locking function, which can be moved on the carpet smoothly. If you want to keep the desk steady, you just have to lock all the 4 wheels.

The build materials are high quality. Built with 1.2 mm steel structure. There is rustproof coating finishing and 16 mm environmental MDF panel. There is also hidden power cord holder under the front panel which will help your desk to stay organized. The desk is easy to install, it takes about 20 minutes to assembly.


Executive Office Solutions’s Adjustable Laptop Tray Stand Up – Best Cheap Riser

If you are looking for something that is as minimalistic as possible this might be a great choice.

Offering good high adjustability with all the essential and simple features.

This riser offers great features, it comes with aluminum tray, which is great for carrying and holds your computer with ease.

The legs of the desk are also adjustable, it can be rotated and locked in place in various degrees. You can collapse the stand to make the riser portable. The table can be used for TV Dinner tray, projector, standing desk, book tray and more.

There is non-slip feet for tabletops. You can connect USB cord (comes with the package) to your computer to power the quiet cooling fans. That way you will protect your notebook or laptop from overheating and maintain good levels of temperature of the machine.

All that at a very good price is making this one a good choice.


Defy Desk’s Adjustable Standing Desk Riser

This desk is great it changes from sitting do standing desk quickly and easy.

It has durable steel base and pneumatic air cylinder for smooth raising and lowering. The desk can be adjusted really easy. It can handle even heavier loads (like 2 monitors).

The desk is made of high quality materials and last long time too.

The fluid height adjustments allows more than 200 height adjustable positions, which is great for people that work a lot and want to find the perfect height for them.

The maximum height is 16.9″ above the current desk.


The House of Trade’s Standing Desk Riser

This desk allows for easy adjustments between working in a sitting position and in standing positions.

You can move freely from sitting to standing position. This desk riser has 5 different adjustable height ranges starting from 6.5″ up to 16.5″.

The construction is made with good quality materials. It has aluminum steel frame, zinc alloy joints, for better strength. It is with melamine wood desktop. The top tier work surface supports up to 85lbs (the recommended maximum is 50lbs).

The top tier is 32″ w x 24″ D which is wide enough for dual monitor use. There is retractable keyboard tray that is 24″w x 10.5 D.

There is no assembly required for the desk.