Best Adult Board Games [Jan 2020] Reccomendations

adult board games

Who said that the adults can’t play video games or the old-school board games?

Because when you gather with your family or friend at home or at a party, it is more personal and convenient to play board games, not video ones, you should be prepared for this. If you want to surprise your guests next time when doing a party or a dinner with friends, you can get a good and entertaining board game and show it to them with the offer to play it.

But how to pick the right game?

After all, you probably didn’t plan this to happen and you don’t know which one are good on this full with suggestions market. Don’t worry, we will help you by presenting to you some of the best adult board games that you can currently find on the market. Most of them would be liked by every single person, no matter what his preferences, taste and personality is – you can be sure that you will please the crowd.


Just another game with cards you might say, but don’t underestimate it, because this is a game that you will have to hide from any children and underage teens in your house.

Even some adults might find it kind of inappropriate, but if you are the funny kind of adults and your friends are too, you won’t have to worry. This game will make you and all the players feel differently every single minute, but that is one of the main reason making this game so awesome.

You probably didn’t play any funny and entertaining game like this one. But beware, you might like it and get addicted and want to play it all the time. When you learn the game you can but an extension pack of cards to make it interesting again. Want to see your friend’s reactions ? play it with them!

Time’s Up – Deluxe!

In this game you have a deck of cards and a two teams competing against each other.

There are three round in which you must guess the most of the celebrities on the cards. The time is limited so you must be very good at describing the celebrity to your partner for him to identify it. After successful identification, you grab another card and proceed until the time ends.

The deluxe edition of this so popular game comes with electronic timer which is programmable.However, with the game you and the other players won’t have to guess only celebrities but also titles of songs and movies, fine arts and others. In the first round you can go with anything and say whatever will help your partner to guess the thing faster.

You aren’t allowed to say any of the actual words that are on the card though. In the second round you can only say one word to describe the card, but your teammate can pass if can’t guess so you can go onto another one. In the third round you are not allowed to speak at all.

You can only do gestures and sound effects, which is really fun and challenging. If you like games like this, give it a try with a friends or the family.

Loaded Questions

If you want really fun board game – this one is from the best in the category. As you can expect, the questions will make all of your friends laugh and even will make you all to spark a discussion about some topics. It can even make you think about some things you never tough about in many years.

The game got your attention? Good!

Every player has to roll and read a question based on the color he landed on. There are four main question categories – anything goes, personals, hypotheticals and no-brainers. Every single question in each category is great and will provoke many good vibes in all the players. You might have to answer what is your favorite brand of deodorant or what you would have changed in the world history if you had the chance.

The answers are written and they are read by the person that is next in turn for greater effect. The current player must guess who wrote the answer and if he is correct, he can go with one space. You however can land on reversal space, which will make you to write an answer and the others must guess what it is.

The game ends when one of the players reach the win space which can happen with giving the most correct answers. Overall an entertaining game that will help you know better your friends and family and have a lot of fun while doing it.


You might know about this classic game presenting in a new way how to separate the creative fibs and the strange truth. If you heard about a movie called Buford’s Beach Bunnies, can you guess what is the plot about?

All of the players in the game must write a fake plot, except the player that knows the correct answer. The movie might be about a rich owner of rabbit sandwich empire or about a hillbilly lifeguard?

It might be about a little boy that moves to live in the Playboy mansion? The right answer is that the movie is about incredibly rich rabbit sandwich magnate.

You can write answers in different categories such as weird words, incredible initials, marvelous movies and peculiar people.


A great card game with wacky rules called “curses” that the players give to each other.

If you make enough slip-ups or mistakes, you are out of the game. The player that remain last is the winner. The game is about drawing cards from a deck with challenges. You read it out loud and do all the directions that are given on the card.

It might be a challenge like “Show what you will do if you are being attacked by a raccoon” or something like this. As the game progresses you will give and gain curses that will make performing the actions a lot tougher. In example you might not use your fingers, keep your hands in fists all the time and other interesting things.


This game is becoming a hit in the board games recently and is one of the most popular. The players are teamed up and every team must work together to act out any clues for the others to guess. This game is fun, hysterical, fast-paced and team building.

You can play it on a party, on a family meeting, holidays and even with colleagues at work events. The game is easy to be learned, you will need not more than 2 minutes.

The average length of one game is about 25 minutes and it can be played by 6 to 20 people. The clues are over 750, so you won’t get bored after some games.

Smart Ass!

You might have played a quiz game and when you know an answer, you probably wanted to yell it and gloat, but it wasn’t your turn, so you couldn’t do it. Well, this game will give you that chance.

It has a cards with three categories on them – who, what and where. Each card has ten clues about the asked thing and the first of the players who guess it moves a step closer to the finish.

Every correct answer will help you reach the finish line, but for that you will have to identify people, places and many more things? and you must do it before the other players. The first one that reach the finish wins the game and the others just stay with the feeling that they are losers and not that smart.