Best Automatic Fish Feeders – 2021 Recommendations and Buyer Guide

Aquarium fish

If you have a busy schedule and yet love to have pets, or if you already have pets – you know how hard it could be to keep up with every task for the day.

You need to pay attention to many things in your daily schedule and also to take care of the pets as well.

If you have fish and you want to keep them fed up and happy and yet you simply lack the time to feed them sometimes, you can get an automatic fish feeder, which can be set and filled with food to keep your fish fed even when you don’t have the time to take care of them.

They are great for busy people and people that sometimes don’t have time to feed their fish.

Feeders are affordable and easy to install and use.

Zacro Auto Fish Feeder

The Zacro auto fish unit is perfect for people that have tank or aquarium fish and want to have them even if they don’t have enough time to pay strict attention to their food.

The unit will feed the fish automatically and provides a great variety of useful features that are perfect for busy people that still wish to have fish as pets at their home or even at the office.

The unit works with USB or batteries. The unit can be used for a long time, the manufacturer suggests more than 800 charging times and also depending on the feeding schedule it can be used for more than 3 months on a single charge. It has a 200ml feed bucket container for the food – perfect for granules, flakes, and powders.

The unit can be set to feed automatically up to 4 times a day, or even manually if you want to sometimes do it by yourself when you have the time.  You can set the clock, the discharge hole and leave the unit to the rest.

Perfect set of functions, great built quality, and affordable price makes this automatic fish feeder a great addition for the fish tank.

EHEIM Fish Feeder

Another great automatic fish feeder, which can help you keep your fish happy and fed even if you don’t have time to feed them by yourself.

Perfect for busy people that sill want to have fish as a pet at their home. The unit is easy to use, there is display and you can set the feeding schedule for up to 8 times a day.

The unit comes with a start guide, so you can easily set the settings and leave it to do its job. Not only the unit feeds the fish automatically, there is also a  button that you can press to feed the fish outside of the schedule, so when you have time or simply wish to pour more food into the tank, you can use that feature.

There is also a fan and ventilation system, which can help keep the food dry. There is also portion size by adjusting the slider, a low-battery level indicator, splash-proof buttons and more.

Torlam Auto Feeder

This unit is another option to consider. It is affordable and has plenty of nice features. It offers up to 4 programmable feedings, you can set the hour and the number of feedings to feed your fish. It also offers a manual feeding feature, so you can feed the fish when you have the time.

There are 2 options of settings the feeder on the tank – using the holder to fix it on the tank or using the double-sided sticker. The unit is designed to keep the moisture away from the food so it can stay nice and dry. It can be used for flakes, pallets, and crumbles.

It is easy to add the fish food, and there is a 360-degree rotation design for easy adjusting of the unit after installing it.

It has 200ml food capacity, it has hatch style feed door and adjusting the size of it.


Buyer Guide


The capacity of the feeder is one of the most important things you need to consider. First depending on the size of your fish and how much food it needs daily and how often you plan to leave it to be fed by the unit. Another thing to consider is the type of food as if the food is larger in size it might fit less quantity of it. So make sure to do a bit of research on how much food does your fish need and then consider the capacity of the container so it can help feed up your fish regularly with enough food.

Types of food

There are many types of foods that you can give to your fish, depending on the type of fish, some are more preferred. If you already own a fish you know the types of foods and this should be considered due to the food size and amount so you can make the right choice for your feeder and the types of foods it supports.

Number of feedings

The number of feeding that an automatic fish feeder can do a day is important. If you want smaller feeding sizes more often let’s say 5 times a day, you need a feeder than has at least that many feedings as an option. Otherwise, if you get a feeder with a smaller number you simply would have to increase the size of the food or your fish might stay hungry.

Additional features

Additional features such as setting time, low battery indicators and different types of power supply are perfect. But you have to spend some time figuring out which ones you need and which you don’t really need.