Best Baby Monitors for 2020 – [UPDATED] Buyer’s advice and Recommendations

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It is all about stress nowadays. And raising your baby should be as much stress-free as possible so that you can be there for them and always giving your 110%.

So we all need some extra help every now and again. Especially if we have some errands to run around the house or late at night when you just don’t feel at ease thinking about your kid and that it might be doing all sorts of antics. They need a lot of attention and they can get easily hurt so keeping a watchful eye is always a good thing.

Here is where the baby video monitors step up. They can easily give us a piece of mind knowing that our little ones are at a hands reach. You can have a little break and be outside of the kids’s room and still keep an eye on them. So this is one of those little gadgets that are ideal when considering the baby’s safety.

Child video monitors are a good choice, for newly parents as well, they will allow you to keep your child safe and even check up on its surroundings to make sure that the baby is comfortable at all times.


Infant Optics DXR-8 – Best Video Baby Monitor for 2019


This is definitely one of the top of the line products it has many good features and as expected it comes with real-time video streamed to a 3’5 inch LCD color display, the image is good and detailed. It is a very neat video monitor with a stylish design that is not disturbing. The battery is long-lasting, it can be used up to 10 hours in power-saving mode and up to 6 hours if the display is turned on.

Okay, so one of the main features is the ability to change lenses, this can help you set up the camera for almost any room. If you want you can chance lenses and this will allow you to have different angel of viewing, use the lenses that suits the room with wider field of view or more focused one. The camera can be used for infants, with the close-up lens, and then when the child grows up, you can use the panoramic lens, allowing you to have a wider view of the room, to see where the baby has gone.

It also has some pretty neat remote controlled features.

  • The picture quality is good both during the day and the night.
  • The remote control that controls the tilt works as expected and what’s best is that it’s quiet. You can use it to chance the camera’s direction without worrying about disturbing your baby.
  • There is a function to activate the LEDs when the child makes noise, so if you have the sound turned down, the light will alert you when the kid is making noise, for instance when crying.
  • There is also a temperature display. It let’s you see the temperature inside of the baby’s room. This is extra feature to make sure that your little one is comfortable in their room.
  • It can save you some battery, when in power saving mode, the audio is still on, but the display is turned off. This will reduce a lot of the energy consumption.
  • Other great feature is the infra red night vision, which allows to see the kid at night, and even a talk-back feature.


  • Good picture quality
  • Good battery life
  • Good tilt and field of view options
  • User-friendly interface and set up


  • Lacks in mounting options
  • More expensive compared to the rest
  • Relatively low range compared to the other products

Wireless Baby Monitor Camera – by INSMA

It is quite small, looks good and is in good price range so it is definitely one of the more budget-friendly options out there.

It comes with many good features:

  • One of the features is the ability to talk to your child. You can press mic button and there we go – nice and simple solution.
  • If you want to watch your kid at night, it comes with HD Night Vision. It is automatic and shows up on the 2.4 inch screen.
  • It has  VOX Mode. It is a really handy feature that not all of the other brands have it and it could often be underestimated how handy it is. It will turn off the display if the volume in the room is under 60DB (there are 3 levels 20/40/60), and will turn on when the volume is above that level. This will immediately catch your attention if the kid is crying for instance while at the same time this will help your extend the battery lifetime.
  • It  can be turn on and used as just audio monitor as well. This can be a great way to save battery power as it will turn off the screen and it will not turn on even if detects sound. That way it will transfer only audio and will use the LEDs to flash.
  • The connection has digital encryption technology to ensure security.
  • In addition it can play different lullabies. This is a great way to calm down the baby.
  • There is a handy way to keep track of the temperature in the kid’s room and at the same time it will warn you if it is not ideal.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Handy features


  • Not the best display and audio quality compared to some of the rest items

Best Budget Video Baby Monitor  – By Hello Baby

With this one you can see your little one at all times. The images is quite clear and it comes with automatic night vision. The infrared LEDs automatically adjust to the level of light in the room. It will transmit in good clear, black and white signal when the room is darker.

  • The video streaming is good and sound is clear. The 2.4 GHZ wireless technology prevents any signal drop outs. It can be used up to 960ft on open space.
  • It comes with 950mAH rechargeable battery, it can last about 7-8 hours with screen on.
  • The installation process is really simplified as it is plug and play, this means that barely any set-up is required. One parent monitor can be paired with up to four cameras.
  • The VOX mode, turns off the screen, when there are no sounds in the room. So it can save energy, and when the little one moves or makes sounds the screen will turn back on. There are also LEDs to indicate when the baby is making noise. They will activate when you have the volume turned down. The VOX mode saves a lot of energy.
  • It comes with 2x digital zoom, to allow you to see your kid up close. It also has an optical pan and the possibility to tilt the camera.
  • Temperature monitoring of the room allowing you to keep an eye if the baby is feeling okay.

This one is good choice, if you want to check on your kids during the day, and even at darker rooms and it is probably one of the best budget options.


  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Many handy features
  • Small and lightweight
  • Decent battery life


  • The picture quality during the night is not the greatest

Buyer’s recommendations:

Although there are a lot of good choice we decided to take a look at some of the best ones for 2018 that will help in your daily life and speaking of which this is what you can expect when it comes to their features:

Some monitors come with just audio and some come with a video functionalities. Here we are taking a look at he latter ones and they usually offer the best of both worlds.

When considering buying your baby monitor most of them have pretty similar features. The ones that come most in handy are:

  • Ability to show what is the temperature in the child’s room
  • Although having a good and clear picture at all times things like the ability to turn the sceen off while at the same time still showing up if the kids is doing something are definitely a plus. Like, the VOX mode where the display will remain off until the child starts making more noises. Another thing is the possibility to be used just as a simple audio monitor.
  • The Night vision is crucial as it will definitely help keeping an eye out if the baby is being restless while at the same time not disturbing it. It is an must-have when trying to give your little ones safe sleep.
  • Also the ability of the camera to be remotely used like panning it or tilting it so that you can make sure you keep track of what is happening inside the room.