Best Baby Play Gym – Reviews and Recommendations for 2019

best baby activity play gyms

Are you looking to get your baby something entertaining?

Choosing the best baby play gym is important. Not only that it helps keeping your precious ones entertained but it helps in developing their motor skills.

Babies love to play with toys and move around, they are full of energy and like to keep moving.

A baby activity gym or mat is a good investment as it will keep your kid happy. They are designed with different and vibrant colors, they come with various toys, and some of them even with mirrors that are safe for the baby. As simple as it might sound a mirror can prove to be a great entertainer.

Not only that but but the activity gyms offer great comfortable mats for your babies to move and lay on.

Don’t worry they are easy to assemble, lightweight and easy to take with you when going somewhere. So they are not bound only to your home. They are great option for parents that want to keep their babies entertained.


Baby Einstein’s Caterpillar and Friends Play Gym

This play gym is really versatile, it converts to a place full of little possibilities for your baby to have fun time.

It can offer your little ones a time full of great fun and adventures to play around in great comfortable place. Loops allow you to remove the toys and this keeps your little ones interested and keep them having fun.

The electronic star toy is great way to entertain your baby, the toy attaches easily to cribs and carriers, which is great to entertain your baby with classical music and lights.

It is easy to carry around as it is lightweight and comfortable. You can take it on a rides with your vehicle too.

There are additional toys:

  • Plush Dog chime
  • Ring rattle
  • Discovery cards
  • Frog rattle with bead chaser
  • Leaf-shaped water-filled teether
  • Large baby-safe mirror

Overall iIt has a good price, while offering comfortable and fun experience for the little ones.


Infantino’s Grow-with-me Activity Gym and Ball Pit

Okay who doesn’t love being in one of those ball pits.

This one can offer that great feeling to your kiddo. Sadly it is definitely not big enough for the parents.

It is a great option for helping your kids have a fun time. The gym is filled with visual rich images and offers some really nice versatility.

It has 5 toys that offer some some good way for you kid to be engaged. They can be moved at different places. They will encourage the early fine and gross motors skills. The motions make toys sway jingle and rattle.

The gym comes with 40 really light balls and a large play mat. The mat is great, comfortable and interesting place to play on. The great thing is the pop-up mesh side, which is good option to surround the baby during lay and play use.

The sit and play format is great, combines different activities. The babies can play around and build their moving skills.

The gym is designed with an idea to offer a lot of play time for your babies. It is action-packed and offer a lot of comfort too.

Overall it is comfortable for the babies offering really good and colorful designed with lots of entertainment at good price.


Infantino’s Twist and Fold Activity Gym, Vintage Boy

This activity gym is another great option for play time with your little ones. I

t has many colors and enough features to keep your baby busy and entertained. It has tummy time bolster, a mirror to keep your little one entertained, and four plush play animals.

The gym can be fold down with ease by folding the gym’s arms. The gym is lightweight and comfortable to bring with you even on a trips.

This is great option for when you are going somewhere and you want your babies to still have a great place to play.


Bright Starts’s Charming Chirps Activity Gym – Best Baby Girl Play Gym

This gym is great option for your baby girl.

It can offer a lot of fun time for your little one. There are girl-inspired toys including lady bug bead chaser, flower-shaped teether and more.

Babies usually have a lot of fun looking at the mirror, so there is a self-discovery mirror.

The gym is great and comfortable, it is designed to be fun and to offer easy folding thus being easy to carry.

It is machine washable.

Remove the toy bars and it can become a playtime mat for use when the baby can sit up.


Fisher-Price’s First Steps Kick and Play Piano Gym

This gym offers a great and fun place for your baby where it can play and be entertained.

It has four different ways that can be used:

  • As lay & play
  • As tummy time
  • As sit & play
  • As take-along play

It offers music, which is great and fun for the little children. It is great and they can move around and explore the gym. There are piano keys that when pressed play sounds.

There are four toys and a large mirror. They are great to keep your baby entertained and continue exploring.

The gym is offering comfortable and good looking design, interesting for the babies, and easy to use. The mat is really comfortable for babies to move around and have fun time. The piano is entertaining and helps the development of the motor skills.

The gym is build with good quality materials. It is easy to carry and use.