Best Barbecue Accessories – Ideas and Recommendations for 2020

top barbecue accessories

Summer is the best time of the year especially for outdoor activities. And what better way to spend it, if not with barbecue outdoors with our loved ones.

We’ve taken a look at some of the most interesting and useful BBQ accessories at the moment for 2019. Let me tell you one thing the list could get really long winded but we’ll take it slow for the time being. Going through some of the most useful and adding an extra accessories that might be less known to the mix will certainly help in giving you an idea for your next barbecue.

If you want to show some professional skills on that grill, right gear is a must. We hold your back. Our list will help you choose the supplies that will help you make the best grill in town.


BBQ Thermometers

If you are tired of being scared about the meat you just put on the grill and do not examine every centimeter of it in order to see if it is done, we think that investing in stainless steel thermometer is a clever decision. No longer will you need to worry about whether the meat is rare or well done with a good quality thermometer you can take the guessing out of the equation.

All you have to do is to stick it in, no matter what meat you bought. With the indicator you’ll be able to check the status of the meat, whether it is rare, medium or well-done.

With time you will be able to tell that by taking a look at the barbecue but in the beginning and even alter on you won’t have to worry about the whole cooking process.

It is also wireless.


Suck UK BBQ Apron Guide

This is the perfect assistant for every cooker, as well a great addition to every kitchen. A trusty apron that will not only help you stay away from the nasty oil spots but that will both keep you clean and make the cooking more funny and interesting.

You can find many useful hacks, which will make preparing a meal like a child’s play.

This guide has all the answers to various questions occurred in the cooking world. The only thing that may confuse you is that the information is upside down on the bottom half of the apron, but you will get used to it right away. It is really easy to go through the guide especially if you are wearing it.


Jack Daniels Smoking Chips

One of the best combos is definitely the “whisky, smoke and meat” one.

This chips right here brings the best out of those three, as it is made of oak, which was naturally soaked in whisky.

It is made from the aging barrels of Jack Daniel’s and it has that amazing woody and boozy flavor when you place in on the grill or in a BBQ smoker. They will provide you with a taste that cannot be mistaken by anybody and will make you wonder how can it taste so good.


Weber Burger Press

Many grill fans are familiar with this brand and adore it.

Weber are an essential piece to every grill enthusiast and with this press, you cannot go wrong.

Every time you use it, you will get professional-looking burgers. You have an option to choose from ¼ or ½ lb. and it will be easy to clean with the additional handle detaches.


BBQ Bear Paws

If you or your friends are fans of charring chunks of meat over hot coals, these claws are the perfect gift for every grill enthusiast who like to make pulled pork, or shredded meat foods.

Have you ever wanted to cut though the meat with ease and not to have it chased around the plate? This Bear Paws will make that process a lot more easier making it really easy and keeping the meat in place while you cut it. These shredding tools are highly durable, and are safe for food.

A fun and entertaining little tool that will make people look at you and ask what is this it looks like it’s been taken out of a movie!


OXO Grilling Tongs and Turner

You cannot go on a barbecue event without grilling tongs and a turner. The length is perfect, as we all know that if the tongs are too long you may lose leverage and if it is too short you can burn your arm hair.

We choose this particular model as it has everything you will need. It is made of sturdy stainless steel and has durable non-slip handles, locking mechanism for easy storage, good springs and scalloped edge for grip. The best part is the 16 inches of power and control.


Steven Raichlen Stainless Steel Wide Spatula with Bottle Opener

This device is 2 in 1 and it is everything you will ever need.

Every meat lover makes his meat with beer in hand. What a better way of preparing your favorite dish and celebrating with cold beer your great occupation for the night.

You will be the center of attention with this multifunctional long handle, sleek Packwood handle, wide offset blade, handy bottle opener, and sharp front edge. If you are about to cook some seafood, grab the super-wide fish spatula and you are ready to go.


Tool Wizard BBQ Grill Brush

It is not worth to spend money on cheap hardware store grill brushes once in a while. Save your money and purchase this durable once-and-done brush, which uses replaceable stainless steel scouring pads.

Cleaning your grates has never been easier and faster. Forget about those standard wire bristles.

Give this tool a try, it does a remarkable job, as it is also suitable all types of grill grates, including ceramic and porcelain.