Best Bathroom Lights for 2021


Great bathroom light is something that not many people would think about. But if you think how much time you spend showering and shaving and maybe even putting makeup or other things, that involve beauty and great looks.

Then you should consider bright and nice looking bathroom light so that you can take care of your looks without needing to take second look at bright sunlight.

Bathroom lights should be bright and made with materials that could withstand the moisture and heat in the bathroom, especially if you love to take longer showers.

LED Vanity Lights JoosenHouse Modern Stainless Steel

The light is with modern design and is best suitable for a mounting over a bathroom mirror. It uses LEDs with means great energy savings without any compromises on the brightness. The base is made from stainless steel with white acrylic tube decoration. The product is easy to install with the supplied in the package accessories. You can choose between four different sizes depending on what you want and need. No self-switch or extra power cord on the light. It is designed to connect directly to the reserved wire; you can decide the switch location on the wall. Ingress protection class IP44
which means that it is splash proof.

Bathroom SOLFART 4 Lights Modern Glass Stainless Steel Dimming Vanity Wall Light

The bathroom light is IP44 certified with means that it is waterproof and dustproof. It is easy to install – you do not need any switches or cords. Just connected it to the reserved wire directly and you are ready to go.

Because it is LED light it is energy saving with 16W white light that offers brightness of an 80W ordinary bulb.

The product is well made from high quality materials with mirror gloss finish over the stainless-steel body. This model brings more brilliance to your life with simple and luxurious design that highlights your taste.

Hardware House H10-2469 Saturn Lights

This bathroom light features a smooth satin nickel finish with white alabaster glass. This series is complete with a whole line of products ranging from a 1 light pendant, flush mount ceiling light, drop-down ceiling fixtures, wall light (two and four lights) and a five-light chandelier. Bring a beautiful modern look to your home with this bathroom light.

LED Vanity Lights 3-Light Joosenhouse Wall Sconces Bath Light for Mirror

A product with modern design with rotating beam angle, chrome stainless steel base and brief three light design. It is perfect for bathrooms and even bedrooms as a wonderful makeup vanity light.

There are two installation methods. The first is directly installation on the wall as sconces wall lamp.
The second is installation on ceiling as ceiling spot light in living room. Just fix the lamp base at an appropriate position, connect the wires, and then fix the light fixture on the base. This vanity mirror light gives cool white up and down light. The LED light source saves up to 80% less power consumption than traditional light bulbs. 15W led light can replace traditional 100W incandescent lamp.

SOLFART LED Bathroom Vanity Lighting

A bathroom light with unique and modern design that can make your bathroom even more appealing. It uses 16W LED lights that are energy saving with white light. The lights are 16W but they offer bigger brightness than an ordinary 60W bulb.

The lamp is made from high quality materials with mirror gloss finishing over a stainless-steel body. It is waterproof and the LED lights can ensure up to 50,000 hours of life.