The Best Beach Umbrellas For Kids and Families – Reviewed for 2021

best beach umbrellas for kids

Going to the beach is one great and fun activity.

The kids can have fun, you can relax and take some sun bath and then hide under the umbrella and relax.

A beach umbrella is one of the most important beach accessories you should take with you. Especially if going with the kids.

Nowadays the beach umbrellas provide great shading with even better protection against the harmful sun rays. That way both you and your kids will be safe.

The vented top the umbrellas have is great for better stability against the winds giving you a piece of mind.

That way you can bring some snacks, your favorite book and enjoy the long and relaxing day at the beach.

Knowing you have the best beach umbrella and that it protects you kids makes it all more enjoyable. When the kids get tired and want to take some break and get a snack or just dig into the sand, these umbrellas will provide them with the much needed shadow.

The kids can relax eat and enjoy the beach without staying in the sun too much, especially during the hottest hour at noon.

The umbrellas are portable and easy to be used so you can bring them with you when you visit the beach for a relaxing time with your family or friends.


Folding Beach Umbrella Set with Screw Anchor and Carrying Bag – by EasyGoProducts

The first item on the list is one of the best looking umbrellas for kids on the beach.

This umbrella is affordable and provides a lot of shadow for the kids. It will protect them from the sun, when they want to take a break and sit and relax, and after the much needed rest they can continue to enjoy splashing in the water.

This umbrella has 7 foot dimaterer canopy. It provides a lot of shade for the kids and the family.

It can be used as a beach umbrella as well as an everyday umbrella. If you go to the park or hiking it can be a great camping accessory to bring with you.

The umbrella has 8 fiberglass ribs for extra durability and stability. It has vented canopy for better wind release.

It has a carry bag for better and easier storage.

It has tilting mechanism to use when the sun moves and the shadow is no longer at the place you want it to be.

It also comes with screw to anchor the umbrella to the ground.


UV Protection Baby Beach Umbrella – by Hippo Creation

This mixture between a beach umbrella and a beach tent is excellent for kids and infants. It provides shade and gives a great level of comfort and coziness.

The tent has a mini pool and also has detachable shade. The mini pool is 27 inches x 21 inches great for having some fun inside the tent.

The tent it easy to install and fold back when you want to move it.

The tent is also UV protected and breathable for more comfort for the kids. The silver coated material provides a SFP 50 protection and blocks 98% of the harmful rays.

The kid can stay in the shade and enjoy the view and play around.

The tent has 55 mm solid round steel wire rod and PVC connectors for better construction stability and durability.


Outdoor Beach Umbrella with Tilt, Air Vent & a Carry Bag – by AMMSUN

Its design is made with idea of better comfort and providing great shade on the beach.

The canopy structure is supported by 8 ribs for better stability and durability. The air vent on the top is perfect for adding stabilization during those windy days.

It is made with 210D oxford fabric with UPF 50+ special aluminum undercoating that will protect you against the sun’s harmful rays.

The umbrella is big and colorful with great looking design.

It comes with carry bag for easy moving around when you are not using it. It weights 5.5 lbs with the bag.


Beach Umbrella with Tilt and Telescoping Pole – by Tommy Bahama

This beach umbrella is great for kids and the whole family.

It has an aluminum pole and fiberglass ribs for better construction, stability and durability.

It has vent which is located on the top for better wind tolerance and stability.

It comes with tilting mechanism too. It can easily be tilted in any direction in order to better protect you from the sun. The bottom pole of the umbrella has built in sand anchor, making it easy for the umbrella to be placed in the sand.

It has silver lining for a UPF 50+ sun protection. Making it great for those hot sunny days when every little extra protection is welcomed.


All-in-One Beach Umbrella – by BEACHBUB

This beach umbrella is great option for taking a trip to the beach with your kids.

The umbrella can withstand winds of up to 35 mph. The umbrella doesn’t require you to drill holes in the sand, just fill it with sand and you can enjoy your time at the beach. It can be tilted all the way to the ground making it a very comfortable protection from the wind and the sun.

The umbrella base weighs less than 9 lbs. And when it is filled with sand it weights the impressive 120 lbs. So it will definitely stay in place.

The umbrella is easy transport and comes with large carry bag and padded strap and handle.