Best Bicycle Bags – Buyer Guide 2021


Bicycles have so many pros, they are lightweight, easy to drive, don’t require much maintenance, don’t require fuel and are a lot of fun for kids and even for grown-ups.

They can easily take you a few miles with ease, you can use them to go to work, to the store, or to drive them around for fun.

One of the things that they lack is storage compartments. Sometimes you just need a little bit of space to store some essential items like keys, phone, water or maybe bicycle tire patches and tools.

If you are looking for small, easy to install and lightweight bag – we have collected some of the best bicycle bag options on the market, for you to choose from.

Aduro Sport Bicycle Bag

This is one of the best bicycle bags available on the market. It is triangle shaped, and easily fits on the bicycle frame. It doesn’t take up much space but provides storage room for essential items for the bike – for example, small tools or patches to help fix some common problems when riding a bicycle.
The bag easily fits under the seat and attaches for the frame with adjustable velcro straps.

There is a big zippered opening, for easy access to the contents of the bag and this is perfect if you wish to store some small items for when riding your bicycle.

The bag is made with quality polyester materials and is wind and weather-resistant, you don’t need to worry about the contents being dry when taking them in the bag. It is perfect for people that love to ride a bicycle and want a small compartment where they can store their keys, phone, bicycle repair tools or patches.

It is an affordable, yet a quite durable option for storage for the bike.

BV Bicycle Strap-on Bag

This is another amazing option for a small storage compartment, which is one of the things missing in bicycles. If you want to store some small items, like your phone, or bicycle repair tools you can use this bag.

The bag comes with mesh pocket and 3M scotchlite reflective trim and taillight hanger. The bag can be placed under the seat of the bike with a strap-on mounting design.

The impact-resistant mesh that is used for making this bicycle bag is good choice if you want to keep your items safe and secure under your bicycle seat.

The bag is easy to put on your bicycle and easy to open its pockets with the zippered pocket. Easy to store and take out items that you want at the time that you want them.

Roswheel Allnice Bike Bag

This bag has a bit different design, it is mounted for the handlebar of the bicycle. It is comfortable to carry and offers quite a space for storing important small items when on the go. If you are looking for an affordable and durable storage compartment that is easy to access and fit on your bicycle, this bag is a perfect option to consider.

It has flexible bands on top, which is useful if you have a map or similar papers that you wish to take quick look when riding your bicycle. The bag’s size is 12.59*4.33*6.69inch L  W H. It can be used on different types of bikes, with easy to install design.

You can fit small bicycle tools, patches, water bottle, cell phone or other similar small-sized items that you might need when riding the bike.

There are additional zippered pockets on both sides of the bag, for extra storage and quick access to the stored items. The bicycle bag is made with water-resistant polyester and other materials.

It is also quite lightweight when empty, so you won’t feel the additional weight if you ride your bicycle at longer distances.

Buyer Guide


When we are talking about bags, the size should be one of the main priorities. It has to be small enough so you won’t even notice it, but also big enough to store the required items. So most of the bags are in that range, they are small and easy to install, and yet offer pretty decent storage size – perfect for smaller items like water bottle, phone, keys or bicycle tools. Make sure to consider the size of the bicycle bag before purchasing it.


Look for materials that provide water-resistance to your bag, this way you can safely store important items like cell phone or keys, that have to stay away from moisture. Materials like polyester and others have good properties and often the bicycle bags come with a scratch-resistant feature, which is perfect for a small storage bag, that you can easily take off or install.

How to attach

Attachment of the bicycle bags is often quite easy, most of them come with velcro straps, which fit different types of bicycles- road, mountain, and others. Make sure to take something that is universal so you can place it on your bike and take it off quite easy too.

Easy access

Bags are good for storage, but they should also be easy to access. Once that you need to take out the contents, for example, bicycle tools to repair the flat tire, you can easily just unzip the bag pull out the patches and glue and tools, fix the tire and put them back one, with just a simple zipper pocket.

Some bags even can be accessed when riding, so you can check your phone or pull out a map to check where are you currently.

Additional features

Additional features such as reflectors or taillight holders, are perfect if you wish to have storage compartment, but also keep your bicycle safe and secure on the road.

Other features such as water-resistant materials, extra pockets, and others are also a good idea. So before purchasing a bicycle bag, make sure to check its specifications.