Best Bicycle Lock Cables – 2021

Bicycle locks

If you own a bike, and you use it a lot, you know that the bike is quite big and cannot be always taken whenever you go. So you have to sometimes leave it outside of the building and you need a good bicycle lock to leave it protected. So people can’t just take it.

Of course, the bicycle locks are breakable, but people have to have the tools with them, so it is quite more secure to lock your bike than to just leave it outside – where it can be stolen with ease.

If you lock your bike you should pick a good, strong and durable cable to safely secure it. So make sure to consider all the different functions that many locks provide.

Titanker Bike Lock Cable

This bicycle lock cable comes with 4 digit combination for keyless usage and convenience. It also comes with a free mounting bracket for easier transportation.  You can mount the bracket under your seat and attach the cable there when not in use.

You can choose a personalized digit combination with ease. The cable is flexible but strong and has good cut-resistance. The cable has PVC coating for fewer scratches and to keep it more durable.

The size is 6′ (1.8 m) long and 1/2″ (12mm) in diameter.

Sanwo Security Bicycle Cable Lock

This bicycle lock comes with 4 digit combination for easier use and keyless convenience. You can set your personalized digit combination with ease.

The cable is durable, made with plastic shell and steel cable, to make it convenient and quite durable. The ABS coating prevents the cable from scratching.

The cable is 2 feet in length and it is easier for transportation when you are not using it. The cable can withstand different weather conditions such as rain, sun, and dust. This way you can keep your bike locked outside without worrying about the rain for example.

Aduro Sport Bike Cable Lock

This bike cable lock comes with 4 digit combination lock. It doesn’t use any keys, and it comes with a free frame mount bracket for easier storage when you are not using it. The item is made with high-strength braided wire wrapped in PVC to withstand high tension and it can help prevent scratching.

You can set your own 4 digit combination with ease.

Buyer Guide


When choosing a bicycle cable lock, you have to consider the length of the cable. If you want to be able to lock your bike on different bike stands, then you would have to have a locking cable with enough length to safely lock your bike. Most of the time it would be best to lock your bike at its frame and next to the bike stand. This would mean you need at least 2-3 feet of cable, depending on the type of bike stand and bike frame. So make sure to consider the length of the lock cable before purchasing.

Type of locking

There are many types of locking mechanisms for bikes. One of the more popular ones is cable lock with digit unlocking. This is quite secure, and you can usually set your own digit combination, and you don’t have to worry about any keys. If you chose different cables that do not have locks, then you have to get additional padlocks, for example, to help you secure them. So consider the available options when purchasing a bike lock.


When you are using the cable lock, its portability is not quite important, but once you unlock the bike, you have to place it somewhere convenient and make sure you take it with you every time you plan to leave your bike outside for a while. Some locks come with frame brackets, so it is quite easy to just hang them on your bike frame and leave them until you plan to use them. This way you can ride your bike and don’t have to carry a bag with you to get the cable lock.