Best Bicycle Riding Goggles and Sunglasses – 2021

Sunglasses for cycling

If you love to ride a bicycle, you know that some accessories are really important – comfortable clothing, comfortable shoes, water bottle, helmet and a pair of good sunglasses. Each of these items has its importance, and probably one of the most important ones is the helmet, as it protects you in case of falling from the bicycle.

Another item that can protect you is the sunglasses, at first they might seem like something not that important, but if you have ridden a bike for longer periods or faster or when it is windy or rainy, you know that your eyes get dry or irritated and sometimes even red.

If you want to protect them, get a great pair of goggles or sunglasses made with the idea to be comfortable and protective for people that love to ride a bicycle.

They can protect from UV from the sun, rain, smaller particles, and even bugs, and wind. A good pair of sunglasses can also be quite comfortable and good looking, so you would even look stylish wearing them.

Pyramex I-Force Goggles

The goggles are a wonderful option for people that love to ride a bicycle. They are comfortable, easy to put on and perfect to protect your eyes from the wind. When riding, especially if you are doing it for a longer time, the wind can irritate your eyes and dry them, this is not good they can even become red.
If you want to reduce this effect the pair of goggles by Pyramex is great idea to consider.

The goggles are versatile – quick release and interchangeable temple and strap. The goggles feature double-lens technology, the outer lens is designed to protect against the environment and the inner one is designed with the idea to protect from fogging – this way you can enjoy a smooth bicycle ride without getting foggy goggles and having to stop and clean them. They also feature vented foam carriage which helps to have less sweat.

The goggles have a scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens which also provides UVA/B/C protection.

Affordable and good build quality goggles to help you enjoy the bicycle ride.

RIVBOS Polarized Sunglasses

The glasses have a more standard design – so if you prefer a more standard type of sunglasses, which also look really good, then they are a perfect option to consider.
They are made with high-grade TR90 material frame. They are lightweight and stylish, an amazing option for people that love to ride bicycles.

The glasses are of high quality and durable, so you can enjoy wearing them for a long time.

The lens is TAC polarized and mirror coated they offer UVA and B protection. They filter the harmful UVA and even blue light up to 400nm.
Affordable high-quality pair of sunglasses that looks amazing and will protect your eyes from wind and UVA, so you can enjoy a great bicycle ride.

The sunglasses come with hard case, cleaning cloth and pouch, polarized test card, and instruction booklet.

TOREGE Polarized Sunglasses

Another amazing option for sunglasses for bike riding.

The glasses have a really good looking design and are also affordable. They come with interchangeable lenses – all of them are with UV400 coating.

The lenses protect from UVA and UVB. So your eyes will be protected from that, and also from the wind of riding with the bike around.

They have cool rimless jacket frame design which allows for clean lower vision field. They are also lightweight – so perfect for people that want to protect they eyes, look good and are comfortable to wear even for a longer time.

Buyer Guide

Sun protection

When choosing a pair of glasses to wear when riding a bicycle, it is a good idea to check whether they offer sun protection. Harmful UVA,B and C light from the sun can irritate your eyes.
So when picking a pair for riding – especially if you plan to do it often, check whether they have any type of UV protection.

Wind Protection

Most glasses will protect you from the wind, as it won’t get directly into your eyes and dry them and irritate them. This can help prevent dust and bugs and wind away from your eyes. Some glasses offer regular protection at direct wind but it can still come into your eyes from the side, so if you plan to ride faster or for a long time, and want better wind protection to pick a pair that has protection on the side too.


The comfort level is up to you to choose, but generally speaking – lightweight design and more standard shape are more comfortable, so you won’t even notice wearing the glasses even if you ride for more than 20-30 minutes.


There are many shapes, colors, sizes and you have to pick the one that you like. Make sure it has all the other functions and features that you want and then go for the color and shape and overall design. Pick one that you enjoy and you can have a great time riding your bicycle.

Other Features

Mirror-coated lenses – they offer even better comfort for your eyes, as they protect and reduce the amount of light, so your eyes would be less irritated during bright sunlight.
Scratch-resistant – this is a good feature to have, if they have scratch-resistant properties they are most likely of higher quality and will last for a longer time without damaging them.
Anti-reflective coating – also a good idea for the lenses, as it will reduce the amount of glare on your eyes. Great for protecting from sunlight during the daytime.