Best Bottle Warmers [UPDATED] Top Product Recommendations for 2020

bottle warmers

If you have a little baby and want to give it the best temperature warmed milk, you might despise the old-fashioned method with putting the bottle in a boiled water. It is inconvenient and really annoying, especially if you do it in the middle of the night.

Well, don’t feel bad, because a lot of new parents’ hate to do it and that’s why on the market you can find more and more bottle warmers.

They will save you a lot of time and energy, which is great and the investment in such a product will be really good for you.

But finding the right bottle warmer that suits all of your needs and budget might be kind of difficult, especially if you don’t have enough time to search the web, after all you have to take care for your baby. This is why we decided to present to you some of the best bottle warmers that can currently be found on the market, just pick one and you won’t regret it.


Philips AVENT Bottle Warmer

This botte warmer is made from Philips and as you can expect from this brand, the product is very practical for home usage. The size is standard and well-shaped and the best thing is that you can put the warmer everywhere you want because it doesn’t take much place. For that reason, you can put in on the kitchen counter to be in handy when needed, in your favorite cabinet, along your bedside table or even in the baby’s nursery.

The warmer is fully compatible with most of the baby bottles out there and can be used even with food jars to warm the little one’s food.

The heating system of the warmer is very efficient and safe to use. When placed a 4 ounces of milk in a bottle can be warmed just for a three minutes which is great, because your baby won’t have to wait much to eat.

The system is well-made to make the milk in the bottle to circulate without stopping so you can be sure that it will be warmed evenly – no hotter spots or colder ones.

The device is made very convenient for breast milk. It can thaw gently even frozen milk or food. It is safer and healthier than defrosting in a microwave. The warmer has built-in sensor which will turn it off if it feels that the milk or the food is overheating.

So overall, if you want an easy to use bottle warmer, this product is definitely something to think about. All you have to do is to switch it on, put inside the bottle or the jar and wait a couple of minutes.


Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle Warmer

This is another very efficient bottle warmer made for fast and easy operations.

It uses really advanced technology, which you can’t see in a lot more products. Firstly, the warmer can memorize the preferred heating time your setup and use it afterwards without needing instructions. You just push the on button and it will start doing its magic and you can go back to your little precious.

Another great thing is that you won’t have to refill the heating chamber with water every time when you want to use the warmer. It is designed with lid to keep most of the water inside after heating. As you can guess, because of the lid the water won’t evaporate as easily and so you won’t have to add water as frequently as some of the other models require you to. The level of the remaining water can be seen easier because the reservoir is translucent.

About the heating capabilities, the device will need around four minutes to heat 4 ounces of milk in a bottle. You can put inside bottle with milk, breast milk, formula milk and even jars with baby food. You can warn without a problem even frozen milk or food.

The warmer have some extra features like alarm to signal you when the bottle is warmed and a flashing LCD led to indicate that the desired temperature has been reached.


Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer

This is great portable bottle warmer with many good features. The main thing is that it can be used even when you have to feed your baby outside, because as we mentioned it – it is portable. You can put inside of the warmer everything – from breast milk to formula or regular milk to even baby foods.

The thermal flask of the warmer is well-designed and it is made from stainless steel. It has a plastic lid for keeping the water from evaporating and the whole warmer is really lightweight, so you can carry it everywhere.

As you can guess, because the product is portable, it doesn’t need electricity to work. You just put some hot water in the container with thermic capabilities, close the lid and you are good to go. Then, when you need to warm something, you take out the warmer and put inside the bottle or the jar. Wait around five minutes and voila – it is warm.

The thermal flask can keep the hot water inside hot for hours, so you can use the warmer even after a while. The lid is large enough so you can put inside the warmer every size bottle or jar without any problem.


Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer

This bottle warmer might not look any more special than the others, but it has one great feature before them – the unique heating system. It uses warm water and make it flow around the bottle or the jar to heat the milk or the food very gently and evenly. Because the hot water is circulating, the heating process is more precise and faster. So, if you need an efficient bottle warmer, this is the right one.

Because it doesn’t use very hot water, while heating the milk or the food for the baby, the good ingredients in them stays. You can use the warmer to defrost breast milk or food without any problem.

The warming chamber is made to fit any size and material jar or bottle.

You even get a timer that will let you know how much time is left while the desired product will be fully warmed. The warmer has an auto shut down function, so if you are not around it when it is ready, it will shut itself to prevent overheating the milk or the food.