Best Baby Bottles For Feeding Recommendations for 2020

baby bottle for breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is natural action done by many mothers all around the world.

Sometimes it is hard to find time for the frequently feeding schedules, as there are many things that need to be done for limited period of time. We live in times where women want to pursue career and focus on themselves, but when they have newborns at home, which need food every other hour, storing breastfeed milk seems to be the best working option.

It may sound shocking at first, but as soon as you read our article for top bottles for stashing the breastfeed milk, you will find out how easy everything can get with just one little bottle.

The products mentioned here are precisely selected, as they will suit every preference and requirement.


Medela Breastmilk Bottle Set 

The first suggestion is a product used in almost every hospital, as they gained a reputation for decisive and steady models. This is one of the top selections from mothers, as they are very precise and adapted.

You can easily find attachments for this particular model, as they are widely spread and many believe that it has more alternatives for pumps.

The unique thing here is that can be used with any of the Medela’s breastpumps.

The motor that can be bought and used for pumping the milk is long- lasting, as it is made of bulky materials and won’t compromise the extractable milk. You can choose the speed range, which varies from low to high, which is perfect for the pumping process, as it also prevents the spills of milk. The design is made on the principle of “one size fits all” and we think that this is very convenient solution.



  • Easy to maintain
  • Cleaning process is easy
  • Practical and convenient when it comes to store
  • The nipples are steady and safe
  • Replacing the attachments is not hard at all
  • Many options for nipple flow
  • Free of BPA



  • Can abrade after long usage
  • The caps often don’t stay on place


Phillip’s Avent Natural Baby Bottle

This a bottle that helps many newborns to switch through bottles, as there are many parents who struggle with such problems. The bottle has comfortable design, which makes it easy to use for every mom and kid.

The benefit of those bottles comes with the fact that they can be frozen when it comes to storage, as there should not be any worries involved when you heat the milk- there is absolutely no chance of cracking.

You can choose from many interchangeable sippy tops, which will be perfect for kids who are switching from being breastfed to cup feeding.



  • Free of any BPAs
  • Neat design
  • Cleaning process is easy
  • Practical and convenient when it comes to store
  • Durable without any chance of changing the color of the plastic, even if you clean it in the dishwasher
  • Many sizes to choose from



  • leaky attachments rings


Lansinoh mOmma Breastmilk Feeding Bottle

The production company has a lot of experience in making the perfect device for every child’s need, as they have many successful made products. Many hospitals and parents rely on it.

This model here makes the switching from one bottle to another easy task for every struggling parent.

The perfect results this bottle brought to many babies is in the NaturalWave technology, with nipple which provides better flow and less air being ingested in the process. The reasons of improper air flow during regular bottle feeding can be caused by stubborn burps, colic or spit ups.

The secure feeding and wide angle options are accomplished with the practical design and a fully adjustable nipple.



  • Marvelous shaped nipple with option of choosing the speed lock for the flow
  • BPA free
  • Convenient to use and clean
  • Avoiding spit up and colic thanks to the Air Ventilation System
  • Natural movements and angles



  • Some people think that the slow speed is too fast for some slow eating babies


Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottle

This company proved their name on the market with reliable and practical breastfeeding products. They are widely appreciated for their design and storage of the milk. It is easy to maintain, as it is also perfect for kids who are switching from being breastfed to bottle feeding.

One of the disadvantages of the product is that the nipple sizes may not suit every newborn, but they work just find for older kids. This model works best for children with a stronger latch, and the flow speed won’t be a problem.

The bottle is designed to aid in easing the switch thanks to their interchangeable attachment.

If you notice leaks this problem can be solved fast and easy, as all you have to do is to check the lip seal before you use the product and make sure that everything is closed.



  • Larger nipple to ease the latch
  • Many sizes
  • Reduced leaks
  • Helps when switching to bottles
  • BPA-free



  • Milk can sometimes get trapped in lid


Dr. Brown’s BPA Free Natural Flow Baby Bottle

This product proved that it can be the perfect solution for all those babies which have good latch and are ready to go on the next level of eating. The design is simple and practical, making the bottle easy to clean, as the attachments can be changed with no trouble involved.

This model uses technique which gives milk only when there is an active latch included.

There is no need of burping the baby, thanks to the fact that there is no extra air ingested while the bottle was used, as it also prevents the proceeding of colic.

If you like to travel making those bottles a part of your accessories can be a great advantage as it can work perfectly fine when there are long travels. The bottle can be secured everywhere in the car by the cup holder, as it also has long hose valve, which gives the kids an opportunity to feed themselves only by pulling the bottle. While travelling you can also keep the milk warm with some handy accessories that will help you keep the milk just the right temperature.

This bottle leaves the stress behind.



  • Cleaning is easy
  • BPA-free
  • The latch is secured
  • The nipple has natural feel as it provides steady flow
  • The burps are reduced to minimum
  • Can be used for babies who still breastfed



  • If you don’t take care of the bottle and not cleaning it, the flow valve may clog