Best Boxing Gloves for 2020 [UPDATED]- Recommendations

boxing gloves

Is boxing your hobby?

Or maybe it has grown into something more than a hobby. Regardless in that sport when a lot of high impact is exerted on our hands it is vital to protect them. Thus buying the best boxing gloves is important.

The search for a high quality and what is even more important convenient especially for your needs pair of boxing gloves can be overwhelmed.

With multiple styles of gloves and dozens of different brands, people can have trouble picking out the best boxing gloves for their own personal needs. However, with the right research in advance you can pick up a good pair that will suit all of your needs.

In other words, we are about to present you the top of the top.


Venum Challenger Boxing Gloves

Ths gloves, have really good design. Their quality is really good, the look and feel quite awesome. They are made from PU leather which is good for durability and great performance.

They are light and easy to clean. They have triple density foam which helps for absorption of shock when you use them, and also they will give you long-lasting protection for your hands.

They have a large Velcro enclosure with elastic for a great customized and safe fit. They come in variety of colors, from pink, white, black, orange, silver and few more.

For the quality and performance they offer their price is really good. They definitely are affordable.

If you do not like the smell of old gloves, and hate to clean them too often, those gloves are one of the best choices. Even after heavy usage for months the smell won’t bother you. Of course if you clean them good and often they will last even longer. They are good ventilated and have a good cushioning for your hands.

One of the things that you might consider, is that if you are a beginner those gloves might be a good choice, but if you are a regular training boxer you might want to consider a more expensive and more durable pair of gloves. If you use them too often the stuffing might come out and start to break.

PROS: They are perfect for beginners in the field and will provide you with good cushioning and safety

CONS: Not as durable as some of the other models


Rival High Performance Sparring Gloves

Made of high quality genuine leather and with 15 angled straps at wrist for anatomical fit, this pair of gloves is suitable for both: pros and amateurs.

The gloves are 1.75″ of layered foam padding and with amazing modern design to be keen on from the very first sight. Ultra-comfortable laminated inner lining turns the model into one of the top choices the beginners in boxing make today.

The Ergo hook and loop double-straps offer reinforced wrist protection that increases the length of time you can spend training without adding any bulk to the glove and the statistics show that these gloves are some of the most durable ones today on the store.

PROS: Anti-trauma modern system makes them amazing for sparring, but they are also suitable for training in the gym, as well. The price is very budget-friendly and you can easily find the model in the stores. Last, but not least, they last enough and they have sympathetic look.

CONS: The double strap design is difficult to put on and remove when one hand is already in a glove. To remedy this, some boxers find a friend to help them put on or remove the second glove.


Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves

Available in more shades that you can even guess, they offer extra high quality & craftsmanship enjoyed by the greatest boxing champions of all time. Full velcro leather wrap ensures a secure fit during training. Perfectly contoured hand compartment gives the wearer a comfortable feel.

Made in Mexico the gloves are indeed, not the typical pair of boxing equipment in the store, so if you are up to something more unique, Cleto is your perfect choice. They are also typical for being long, flat, almost rectangular in shape, with minimal knuckle protection. It’s a very polarizing style of boxing glove, one you will either love or hate.

Cleto Reyes training gloves use a minimalistic padding design .The design is really safe. Even harder hits will be absorbed by it. The padding of the glives is two inch thing. The thick padding allows a lot of hits and even with bigger power, without worrying about injuries and sore hands.


PROS: Good support and good protection. Average, not that high price especially considering the fact they can suit a pro’s needs. The gloves are extra durable, plus – they are fully handmade.


CONS: The biggest issue with these gloves is there incredibly long break-in time. Also, they are a little bit short for men with long fingers and the knuckle padding seems to be not that suitable for all day usage.


Twins Special Gloves


Suitable for boxing, MMA, mixed martial arts, UFC, thai boxing, these gloves are made of extra durable leather and in two sizes, so any boxer can find a suitable pair for his needs.

The 8 and 10 oz gloves are designed for competition bouts or bag/pad work. The 12, 14 and 16oz gloves are ideal for general training and sparring. The heavier gloves provide for a rigorous workout and the attached thumb design prevents injuries.

This gloves are really comfortable.

The padding is made of three-layered material. The outer layer is soft, the middle layer is firm and the inner layer is quite soft to protect the knuckles. That makes them really comfortable to use, protecting your hands and good for training. The Twins Special are perfect for bag work and sparring.

PROS: Good value. Great for almost anybody.

CONS: Do not offer the best comfortably .