Best Car Emergency Equipment – Buying guide for 2020


Vehicles are useful in so many situations, starting from going to the supermarket and maybe a quick trip to the beach, or even for everyday travel to work.

Sometimes though there might be emergency situation like flat tire , loss of power of the battery or maybe hitting your bumper on a rock. In this cases you should have some basic emergency items in your car, so that you can fix them or at least remove the dangerous parts and travel for the next service shop to fix it.

The car emergency items should include items like – batteries, flashlights, bandages, fire extinguisher and other tools such as screwdrivers and maybe a hammer.

Window Breaker

This tool is useful for emergencies, when you are using your vehicle. It offers many good features that might come in handy in case of emergency.
The tool can be used as window breaker, seatbelt cutter it has bright color for easy spotting when needed.
It can easily be mounted on the side of your car or  just put it in the glovebox.
The tool is affordable and is made with high hardened steel double hammer head so you can break the glass in case of quick gateway need.It is designed with anti-skid materials and has protective bracket.The tool is small, easy to store and useful in emergencies.

Fire Extinguisher

This one is something that most people would think of getting just in case.
The fireextinguisher is something that is crucial in case there is a fire in your vehicle. It is small and yet quite important to carry with your car.It is suitable for use with Class A (trash,wood and paper), Class B (liquids and gasses) and Class C (energized electrical equipment).
This is great for many different situations that there might be a fire and you have to quickly extinguish it.
There is pressure gauge which allows for immediate pressure status checking.

First Aid Kit

There are many useful items in case of emergency. This kit includes Adhesive Bandage Strips (for your knee, elbow , knuckles, butterfy bandage, spot and triangular), Abdominal Trauma and Eye pads, Sterile Gauze Spongers and Rolls, Medical Tape, Alcohol Wipes, Povidone Lodine Wipes, Antiseptic Towelettes, Aclohol-Free WOund Cleansing WIpes, Cottom Tip Applicators, CPR Face Mask, Disposable Latex-Free GLoves, Instant Cold COmpress, Medical Face Mask, Metal Scissors/Tweezers, Safety Pins, TOurniquet, Wooden Splints/TOngue Depressors.

This items can be useful in so many differnet situations in case of emergency when in your vehicle.
The kit comes with lighweight carry case.

IT comes also with First Aid guide.

Warning Triangle

The warning triangle is something that you have to have in your vehicle.
The triangle should be used when you have emergency stopped with your vehicle.
The triangle can be quickly assembled and placed far from the vehicle to notify other drivers that there is emergency stopped vehicle ahead.
The triangle is affordable and built with quality materials, so you can have it for long time.The triangle is 17 inch and foldable, 3 peaces per pack.
It also meets DOT standard FMVSS 571.125 specifications.The triangle has non-skid base which withstands winds of up to 40 meters per hour.

Car emergency 42 piece set

This kit comes with many useful tools too.
It has Carry case, 8 foot 8 gauge jumper cables, Aluminum Flashlight and batteries, 2 in 1 screwdrivers, Duct Tape, Emergency Poncho, Shop Cloth 5 Cable ties, 20 bandages, 4 towelettes and reusable zipper lock bag.This kit might be useful in different situations.
It can be used for starting your car if the battery doesn’t have enough electricity, using the jumper cables you can get power from other vehicle. The flashlight might be useful in many situations, for instance looking for something at darker weather or inside the car where there is no light. And many more.