The Best Car Vent Phone Holders – 2021

Phone in the car

Phones have so many different functions, especially nowadays. They can be used for internet browsing, taking incredible pictures, 4k videos, slow-motion videos, chatting, navigating, news and many many more.

So if you want to use your cell phone in the car, there are several options, there are many clever voice-controlled methods to use the phone without the need to touch it, so you can safely drive. But in order to use your phone, you have to have a suitable place to put it, so you can listen to music, navigate or even talk to your friends.

A great strong phone holder is a great idea, you can easily install it, safely place your phone so you don’t need to use your hands, and you can simply release it with a press of a quick-release button (if the holder has the function).

These are some of the best choices for car vent mounted phone holders on the marketplace.

AUKEY Car Vent Phone Holder

One of the best phone holders on the market is the model by AUKEY. The holder mounts securely for the car vent system, this makes it quite universal.

The flexibility allows it to fit most standard car vents horizontal and vertical positions too. You can attach your phone with ease by using the adjustable phone cradle. There is also an instant release button, so you can remove your cell phone, when you want to get it with you, and not have to worry about the adjustable cradle and not dropping your phone.

The holder has a 360-degree joint that allows you to set the angle of perfect view, and adjust the phone for horizontal or vertical mode. The mount is padded with soft silicone to provide soft contact with your phone, this way it would prevent scratches left on your device.

The arms have an inner size from 1.9″  to 3.7″ inches, so before getting this holder, make sure it can fit your phone model.

The model also has quite secure installation. You have to turn the grip release knob clockwise to tighten the mechanism and it would be more securely installed on the vent.

Beam Electronics Car Ven Phone Holder

The mount is easy to install. It provides 360-degree rotation so you can set your phone at the desired angle. It features a quick-release button, allowing you to remove the phone with just a simple button press, without worrying how to stretch the sides and remove the phone without dropping it.

The holder can hold phones with width starting from 1.9 inches to 3.7 inches. This fits many models on the market. The model is quite universal. The vent installation that fits many cars and the wide range of width setting allows it to be used with most modern cell phones.

Car Phone Mount Vansky 3-in-1

This product is another great choice for people that want to keep their phone in the cars and have it in a comfortable position without using their hands.
The stand can be wall-mounted or clipped to car air vent or windshield.

It also features a one-button quick release. This way you can release the phone with a simple 1 button clock. No need to stretch the brackets to remove your phone and wonder about damaging the sides.

The device has 360-degree rotation allowing you to set the perfect viewing angle, for better comfortability and usability of your cell phone.

It comes with a suction cup to help your phone steadily.

The holder can be used for phones starting from 3.5 to 7 inches. The extendable grips allow usage for phones with a width of 6.7 to 9.7 cm. It also has soft padding to help keep the phone securely.

Buyer Guide

Size compatibility

Before choosing the phone mount that you like, make sure that not only supports all the features that you like, but it comes with the right size. Most phone holders are adjustable, so they fit a variety of phone models, but you need to make sure that the numbers that they offer for the phone width, fit with your phone’s size. So check the mount specs and your phone’s specs to make sure it would fit.

Mount security

If you want to use the phone mount without worrying that your phone would fall off, then make sure to check the design behind the mount. Make sure it offers stability and quality to keep your phone on the vent. This way you can drive and enjoy listening to music from your phone for example, without worrying it could fall down and scratch it for instance.

Other important factors

There are a few other important factors to consider. First, make sure that the holder has some sort of soft inside. Whether it is made of rubber/silicone or padded, it has to securely hold the phone, but also not scratch it. Avoid hard mounts, that do not allow you to rotate or set different angles for the phone. Different angles might be harder to see and also quite uncomfortable. Make sure it has the ability to set different viewing positions.