Best Car Windshield Winter Cleaning Tools – 2021 Reviews and Recommendations

Snow car window tools

If you live in e place where there is a lot of cold months during the year, and you have to use your car daily, you know that ice and snow can cover your car. No matter if you leave it outside or inside, ice and cold can still reach your car – especially the windows. And you know that you don’t really have much time in the mornings to spend it on cleaning the snow or ice off of your car. So, then you might be thinking, what kind of tool would be useful to save some time and help you clean your car quickly and effortlessly?
Snow brushes and ice scrappers, are the most affordable and quite easy to use option on the market. They are small tools, usually made of lightweight materials, with brush that can help you clean the snow. And for ice scrappers there is a blade that cleans the ice from your windows, so you can have better visibility when driving.

They are quite portable, so you can keep then stored even in your car, or you can take them in the morning, clean the car and return them in the garage for example.

Car Snow brush and Ice Scraper

This is one of the most used tools in the winter. When you leave your car in cold places, whether is outside or even in your garage, if there is not enough warmth, your car’s front windshield might get frosty, and it can be really annoying to clean it. With this standard brush with snow cleaning option and ice scraper, the removing of the ice off of your car would be easy, and can be done in few minutes.
The brush is regular size – 8 inches (can be used for most cars). The ice scraper is 4 inches, and is enough to clean your front windshield with ease.
The overall size is 25 inches, and the tool has comfortable grip, so you can comfortably and easily clean your car off the snow and ice.

RevHeads Ice Scraper

Another affordable way to remove the ice from the vehicle’s front window. You can use it for quick ice removal, and store it in your car. It is quite small and thus portable, so you don’t have to worry about where to place it so you won’t forget it, and have it near when you need to remove the ice from the windshield.

The ice scraper can help you remove a lot of ice, from most vehicles windows.
It has comfortable handle, and is small in size, so you won’t get tired from scraping. It can also help you do it quickly because of the technology and good design.

Mallory ice scraper and snow brush

Another 2 in 1 tool. It is 26 inches long for easier each over the entire window. It has snow brush that can help you remove some of the snow off of your car. It has integrated ice scraper to help you remove ice from your windows with ease.

It has comfortable handle, and is affordable tool if you want to remove the ice of your vehicle and do it without wasting much time.

The ice scrapper blade is 4″ wide, which can help you remove a lot of ice.

Mallory 580 Mini Telescoping Squeegee and Ice Scraper

This telescoping squeegee and ice scraper is ideal for bigger cars. Its handle can extend 26 to 35″ for bigger reach, thus making it easier to use, and great for bigger windshields. The tool has extra 8″ wide snow brush for cleaning off the snow.

The brush and squeegee head fold for easier storage, when you are not using the tool.
It has comfortable foam grip for easier cleaning and more comfort.

Cyrico Ice Scraper Mitt

This ice scrapper is a bit different. It is more comfortable to use, but we recommend it for smaller windows, since you might not be able to clean the entire window that easy if it is bigger. If you have smaller vehicle, this one is great and comfortable, and protects your hands from the cold too.

It weights only 6.4 oz, and is comfortable when using.
It has 4.4″ blade for ice scraping and 9.5 ” handle weight.It has acrylic blade and PP handle.

Buyer’s Guide


The size of the tool depends on many things, for example the size of the window you want to clean, is it a smaller car with small windows or bigger one like minivan?
If you have bigger vehicle, you need bigger tool with wider blade. Also consider the length of the handle, if you want to clean your window and reach more, take longer tool so you can clean it effortlessly.


There are tools that just offer one function: snow brushes – cleans the snow, ice scrapers – cleans the ice, and others. There are also combination of them, so you don’t need to have few tools, but just one and you can clean the ice and snow off of your car.


The price of the tools on the market is quite affordable, they are often small and made with quality materials, but are not pricey, so you can make a decision based on your vehicle and other factors such as winter conditions, vehicle size, temperature and more.