5 Best Cat Litter Boxes – Reviews and Recommendations for 2020

cat litter boxes

Cats are great pets, they are fun and can bring a lot of entertainment and joy to the people that take care them.

They are super energetic. I’m sure you know how much they like to jump and run around playing with their toys, Of course the other side of the coin is that they enjoy sleeping a lot. They are incredibly good at asking for tasty cat food. They don’t easily give up. And, well, then they use the litter box.

When using the litter box some of the things that the owners don’t enjoy is the odor and sometimes the mess the pet leaves around the litter boxes. When it comes to that the best solution is to get a litter carpet that traps the litter that tends to stuck on the pet’s paws.

However, this doesn’t solve all the problems as the choice of the litter box is important too. It must be one that your pet will enjoy and will make it feel comfortable and secure. Here we are presenting you the top 5 litter boxes.


Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan – by Catit

This cat litter box is easy to be put together. It takes just a few minutes to flip the few snaps and locks and it is ready to go.

The hood lifts up for easier cleaning of the litter box. There is carbon-impregnated filter for removing box odors. That way the room will be smelling better.

The cat litter box is 22 inches long and 17 inches wide and 18 inches tall. The door opening is 10.4 inches x 9.6 inches, enough for easy access. The whole box is lightweight.

This cat litter box, is affordable option for people that have cats as pets and would like to give their pet some much needed comfort. While at the same time have an easy way of cleaning the litter and also giving their pets some privacy.


Cat Litter Box with Scoop – by IRIS

Although it doesn’t have a top the high shielded pans prevent litter scatter and urine spray.

The dimensions of the box are : 19.00 L x 15.00 W x 11.75 H inches, inside: 15.3 x 12.0 x 11.6 inches.

This cat litter box comes with shield and scoop, for easier cleaning and comfort. There are three tall walls and the pan is deep so it collects more litter. There are molded-in rims for better stability of the box. That way it won’t be easy for your pet to move it around.

The cleaning of the litter is easy, it has high-polished interior and also litter scoop which clips inside the box.

The litter box provides, comfort and privacy for your pet, and is made to be used for longer time, and it is also affordable.


Litter Box with Lid – by Petphabet

The litter box offers privacy and good place for your cat to go to the toilet. There is hood which prevents litter scattering. Although it will keep your room clean it is still advisable to get a cat litter carpet.

The litter box is build with durable and high quality materials. It has deep pan that way there will be much less litter scattered around.

This box has a high back which is great for cats that like to pee standing. This box is sturdy and built to last and offers plenty of room.


Top Entry Litterbox – by Clevercat

This cat litter box, is affordable option for pet owners that want their pets to have privacy and also it is easy to clean and reduces odor. The box will keep most of the litter inside and the cats won’t be able to get it outside as easily as they can with the other boxes.

The litter box is not recommended for elderly or large cats as the door is at the top. Cats usually enjoy the top entry boxes but for older or large cats it can be difficult. The box allows for some privacy and it is good against dogs.

The cat litter box size is 20 inch x 15 inch x 15 inch and it has a 9 inch diameter hole at the top.

Overall the top entry boxes are a great idea if you want to keep the room as clean as possible.


Large Top Entry Cat Litter Box – by Favorite

This is another top-entry litter box that is definitely something worth taking a look at. It is great for cats and great for the owners as it allows for much cleaner rooms. With that kind of boxes it will be very hard for the cats to throw the litter outside.

The beautiful thing about those boxes is that they also can keep the dogs away from the litter. So they are great for households that have both cats and dogs.

The box can give your pet some privacy and also helps against spilling the litter outside. It has non-stick surface and it can be cleaned easily.

The entry top size is diameter 9 inches.