The Best Cat Scratchers – Reviews and Recommendations 2019

cat scratching lounge

Cats love to play around the house, they love to wait for things to move, catching their attention, and then chase them down.

They also have to stretch a lot and sharpen their claws too.

They want to keep them healthy and sharp, because they are natural hunters and this also helps them stay in shape.

Every cat owners knows that one of the downsides of having a cat is that they just love sharpening their claws on the furniture. A scratching lounge can help in mitigating this effect.


Scratch Sisal Scratcher – by SmartyKat

This cat scratcher is made with the idea that your pet can scratch as much as it wants.

The scratcher is made with stable wooden structure, it won’t move that much around when the cat is using it. The surface is natural sisal which feels nice when the cat uses it.

It has a bit of an angle so it is more comfortable for usage. The scratches also has SmartyKat organic catnip.

The scratches is made to offer comfort and is affordable too. If you want your cat to have a place to scratch this is good option.


Basic Cat Scratcher Lounge – by PET SHINEWINGS

This one is a big scratcher. Its size is 18 x 9 x 6 inches. It is a great place for cats to scratch and rest after long playful day.

It has a catnip included too.

The scratches is made with high quality recycled corrugated cardboard. It can be used for long time. The design is curved which is great place for the cat to lay down.

This scratcher is made with quality materials and is affordable way for you ti give your cat a place to scartch.


Cat Tower Scratcher – by Petlinks

This one has interestign design. It is shaped like a cone, resembling a post or a tree. It will make the cat enojoy not only sharpening its claws but stretching on it too. It can be used as a way to save some of your furniture.

The seagrass scratch tower has catnip toy and dangling ribbons for even more interesting place for your cat to play around and scratch its nails.

The seagrass rope is tightly wound for cats that scratch harder. It is built with quality and can be used for longer time.


Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge – by PetFusion

This scratcher has a stylish look. It can help your cat sharpen its claws and relax. An important aspect is the looks of it as it can be put in any room and fit pretty well with various designes.

The cat lounge includes USA organic catnip leaf too.

The scratcher is made with non-toxic corn starch glue and recycled cardboard. The material is strong and durable enough but soft enough so that it would feel good to the cat using it for scrathing.

The size of the scratcher is 34 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches.

2 in 1 Cat Scratching Post – by Friends Forever

The jumbo cat scratchier is another option for place for your cat to sharpen its claws. That way you can better protect your furniture. It is both a scratching post and a lounge that can be used by the cat to relax and even take a nap.

This one is a bit more expensive than the other options. It offers durability, great design and comfort for the cat.

Its exterior size is 34 x 12 x 11 inches. It is a big place and most cats can use it. The interior size is 27 x 8 x 10.5.

The scratcher is easy to setup, it doesn’t require any assembly.

It is made with 100% recycled carboar which is non-toxic too.