Best Cell Phone Gaming Joysticks and Controllers -2021

Cell phone gaming controllers

Cell phones have become one of the most used devices nowadays. They have so many features you can utilize in your daily schedule. They can help you calculate, see the time, schedule tasks, navigate, take pictures, videos, socialize and many more.

With time their technology has improved greatly and games have started from simple monochromatic moving dots on the phone, to full-on 3D games that are quite similar to the ones that you play on your gaming console or PC.

You can play so many different titles, starting from small games that you have to match the colors or shapes, up to the 3D games like shooters and RPG games. Great detail and sound and also quite good performance, given that cell phones, have greatly improved specs.

One thing that gaming on the cell phone lacks is comfort. When you play at home you have a comfortable seat and your hands and legs are relaxed and you can simply enjoy the games.

With cell phones, the idea is not to play for hours, but for minutes when you are on the go and maybe when waiting for the bus or going to your job.
You can improve the comfort and the relaxation of your hands by choosing a comfortable gaming controller.

Gaming controllers for cell phone games are quite an affordable option to provide a great experience and fun time.

If you play on your cell phone, you can get a small and affordable gaming controller that can improve your gaming experience and provide a great comfortable grip for your hands.


Mobile Game Controller

This cell phone joystick can be quite handy if you like to play mobile games while waiting for the bus or on on the line for pizza or even on the bus to school.
The joystick is quite affordable and offers good functions.
It can be used to play different types of games, and is comfortable and quite more entertaining than just touching the flat screen on your cell.

The buttons are comfortable, and if you play for a long time it can help reduce fatigue and straining of the hands.

The joystick is great for shooting games – you can quickly and simultaneously turn and aim and shoot, which is perfect for fast games that require accuracy and speed.

The joystick has a stable and comfortable design, the clip on the backside of the joystick tightens on the phone and it keeps it steady, so you can enjoy the gameplay.

The phone can hold many different sizes of phones, starting from smaller ones to the bigger ones (4″ to 6.5″ ). With good quality and a great price, this is one of the top choices for gaming on cell phones. Its small size, and comfortability but also great performance provides a great experience for people that love to play games on their cell phones.

Excellent choice for people to spend some fun time while waiting or when on the bus.

COOBILE Mobile game controller

Another good option for cell phone gamers. This mobile joystick is affordable and quite comfortable, it combines 3 different functions – gamepad, mobile phone holder and trigger.
Perfect for mobile gaming, it suits cell phones from 4 to 6.5 inches. Easy to grip and play a few games on the bus.

It is better than the standard gaming on the flat surface, as it is more comfortable to grab and quite more fun. It provides great gaming experience and you can get it with you anywhere. It is well built too.

The mobile controller can also be folded. It offers great comfort and at a quite affordable price, definitely an option to consider for people that love to play a quick game on their cell phone.


Anoke Mobile Game Controller

Another great option. If you love to play games, this controller is a good option to consider.
It has a good design, affordable price and is quite comfortable.

The joystick fits cell phones from 4.5 to 6.5 inches. It can be used on android and iOs devices as well. The comfortable and interestign design is great. It has triggers that are easy to use and quite easy to install too.

The game controller is easy to carry, small in size, and a good idea for gaming on your cell phone.
If you are tired of the regular gameplay, you can use the controller to play few games when you are waiting on the line or on the bus to school.

Buyer Guide

When purchasing devices that can help you have more fun time playing games on your cell phone, there are few factors that you should consider.

Types of games

Depending on the types of games you play on your cell phone, you should consider different types of joysticks. If you are looking for shooter game joystick, you should find one with bigger and easier to press controls and also comfortable crip and sturdy design, so it can be quite fun when you play similar games.
If you are looking for racing games or less intense games, the design durability might not be as important, but check for better-built quality and comfort on pressing and using the joystick.


Depending on the size of your cell phone, you need to make sure it can be used with the chosen controller. Most controllers are offered with clips or other similar functions, which can fit a wide variety of cell phone sizes, starting from smaller to the bigger models. Other compatibility question is the operating system. Make sure that the controller supports your device’s OS. Some of them support both most used operation system iOS and Android.


Think about the size and grip comfort. When looking for a joystick, check out the materials and the shape as well. Most middle and bigger grips are better for most people, but depending on the size of your device and your hands and the types of games you want to play, consider the size and shape of the controller.
Wider and bigger grips are generally better and offer more comfort so you don’t have to worry about your controller and just enjoy the game.


Most gaming controllers for cell phones are quite affordable. If you are looking for everyday regular controller you can get one at a really affordable price. If you are looking for something more sturdy then the price might go up. Also depending on the type, size, shape and build materials the price might be different. But for most good models the price is good.