Best Cell Phone Gimballs – 2021 Recommendations and Buyer Guide

Cell phone gimbal

If you are shooting videos, then you know the importance of a well-stabilized video. Most of the times you can place your device on a tripod or other stabilizers and aim at the shooting point. Then there is no need to further stabilize the image, but when you are moving around and want to shoot amazing action videos, then you need a good gimbal.

Gimbals use motors and sensors to stabilize your video capturing device.

Even if you are not a professional in that subject, you could still achieve amazing results with your cell phone, especially nowadays when cell phone cameras provide really amazing shots. Many high-class cell phones support 4k videos and offer great video quality, so you can achieve amazing results with a good gimbal and your cell phone.

3-Axis Gimbal

This gimbal offers really good stabilization. The gimbal has great feature that can vertically rotate your phone 360 degrees. It can help you create amazing action videos with great effects.
The gimbal also has sports mode, which allows you to capture smooth videos even when running up and over objects.
The item also has a screw hole, to support attaching to tripods or video lights.

The gimbal comes with amazing app, that you can use to control the functions. There are slow-motion recording, beauty shooting, 360 panorama, face tracking, time-lapse and more modes.

The gimbal is compatible with most 58-89mm phones clip width.

The gimbal has a buil-in 4000mAh battery which can provide up to 12 hours of running time. The gimbal can also be used as a power bank to charge your phone or camera.

DJI osmo Mobile 2 gimbal

This is another great option if you want to capture amazing stabilized videos on the go.
The gimbal is designed with lightweight materials and has a long-lasting battery, to help you create amazing action videos.
There are great brushless motors for smooth video taking and also great features such as object tracking, up to 15h of battery life and more.

It can also be used to charge your smartphone, so you have longer video recording time. The gimbal can be used for slower activities such as walking and even faster ones like skateboarding.

It weighs only 485g. The device is portable and foldable for easier storage. You can bring it with you on the go and create amazing videos with great stability.
The device also has a built-in zoom slider, to let you create amazing video effects on the go.

There are also modes such as panorama, which moves automatically and captures several photos and combines them into the panorama image.

MOZA mini-S

Great compact gimbal. The gimbal is quite small, when folded its size is 5.1″*2.7″*7.7″. It is lightweight too – 495g.
It is great for on the go shooting of amazing stable videos.
It can hold phones from 2.3″ to 3.5″ in size. The gimbal also has fast-tracking of subjects, which is great if you want to track moving objects and take high-resolution videos.

There is also an App that has features such as: hyperlapse, slow-motion and more. There is also 360-degree rotation, based on customized setting.
There is one button zoom & focus control – great for quick videos on the go.

The maximum load of the device is 260g. Which fits most modern cell phones. There are also two USB 5V ports for charging.

Buyer Guide

Maximum load

The maximum load is the weight that the gimbal can support without any problems. So make sure that the number is higher than the weight of your cell phone. This way you can enjoy creating amazing stabilized videos without worrying that your gimbal might break.

Supported cell phone size

The size is one of the key components – it has to fit your phone’s size. Make sure to check the compatibility size of the gimbal clips before purchasing, and check your cellphone manufacturer stated width size so that you can be sure that your phone would fit. Also, make sure that it can support its size, and when placing the phone make sure to center it, so that the weight is evenly distributed, and it won’t fall.


There are apps, that provide amazing features such as panorama, 360 degrees and even zooming with sliders.
Some gimbals are foldable, and lightweight – so they are easy to take with you.
Some gimbals come with the feature to charge your phone, so you can have a mobile power bank to provide you with even more video capturing time on the go. Great for most modern cell phones, since they use a lot of battery power, especially when capturing high-resolution videos. This way you can create more and longer videos without worrying about the battery of your cellphone.

Weight and portability

Foldable gimbals are great for capturing videos on the go. This way you can carry your gimbal with you everywhere and create amazing videos without worrying where to put them. When folded they are quite small and they are also lightweight (few hundred grams), so not much extra weight to carry around.


As a general rule, the more axis the gimbal has, the better and more complete stabilization it offers. But it really depends on the quality of the motors and parts used to do it. If you are looking for a beginner gimbal, then just 1 or 2 axes would do the job, this way you can save money and start to learn how to use the technology. Later on, when you feel more comfortable and know how to work with the gimbals, you can purchase high-end 3 axis gimbal that can provide really amazing stabilizing results.


The high-quality gimbals, that provide great performance and smooth video capturing are a bit expensive. But it depends whether you want something as a beginner to test it, or if you are looking for great long-lasting gimbal to help you shoot videos often.
Some gimbals can be as low as under fifty bucks, and some might be as high as a few hundred bucks. Depending on the quality of the materials and parts used to create the smooth capturing effect and the features it comes with. So consider this when looking for a gimbal for your smartphone.