The Best Gaming Chairs Reviewed [UPDATED] Buyer’s Guide for 2019

best affordable gaming chairs

Gaming chairs should offer many things. You want to feel comfortable when playing your favorite game, if you are not comfortable at your chair you will get tired and instead of enjoying your time you might get irritated.

A chair should provide a good comfort level, depending on what you enjoy, and other factors (like height, weight, hours of playing etc.) thus choosing the right chair should be done carefully. If you prefer a char that has softer feel, you might want to look for chairs with greater padding and they usually allow for prolonged periods of sitting without getting uncomfortable.

Usually when you play games, you get to enjoy them and when you sit for longer periods your skin can get sweaty, this is not a good feeling when you are enjoying your time. So when choosing a gaming chair take under consideration the materials – it is best if the chair’s materials can breath.

If the chair doesn’t allow your skin to breath, might make you sweaty and you would have to get up and clean it after a while.

When you are looking for a chair, consider its cover materials, for instance the PU leather is great, it is easy to be cleaned and usually skin friendly, which means that you skin will breath and will not get sweaty easily. This will make you feel more comfortable, and you won’t have to worry about sweating, and even if you do sweat a bit, you can clean it quite easy.

Prolonged sitting is something to consider as well, depending on how many hours you play a day, you might need to chose different chairs. Some chairs look really good, but are lacking the support for prolonged sitting. If you want to play games more than an hour, you have to find chair with good support, for your arms, back, and comfortable seat.

Prolonged sitting with improper posture is really bad for you and will make you feel tired a lot faster than a comfortable supporting chair. The important thing here, is to consider the time you will spend sitting, and the kind of softness you would prefer, taking under consideration your weight, height and the design of the chair.

Lumbar support and comfortable armrests, are one of the most important things to look for if you plan to enjoy games. Sitting without lumber support puts a lot of pressure on your lower back, which will make you get up to rest quite often.

The armrests are really important too for level of comfort and support for your arms when you are playing on the computer. Adjustable armrests are usually a great feature, and the non-adjustable ones could be comfortable too, just make sure you take a look at what features does the chair offer. A small cushion could be a lot more comfortable than plastic made armrests.

The weight and height that a chair is suitable for are really important. If you are heavier you should consider the weight capacity of the chair, if the chair is not suitable it can easily be broken. Also if you are taller you should consider the height of the back of the chair. If you chose smaller chair you will not feel comfortable and you will notice lack of support especially if you wish ti rest your head you might find that the headrest is barely reaching the top of your neck. Needless to say that is not something you will be excited about so you might need a high-back chair.

Adjustability of the chair is also important, usually they come with adjustable height and tilt functionality, but you have to consider the maximum and minimum height of the chair and the back of it as well. Some chairs come with even more adjustable functions, such as adjustable armrest and back.


Homall’s Racing Gaming Chair

This chair is made of PU leather (material that is not actually real leather, but a synthetic version of it), which gives the chair a lot of pros, the PU leather is quite durable and is animal friendly, since the material is not made of animal products. Furthermore, the PU leather is easy to clean, can be produced in many colors, and can last quite some time without changing its looks. For a chair that will be used a lot, this is quite important.

This chair has armrests that are comfortable and provide good feeling when you leave your arms to rest on them. Something worth being noted is they felt quite skin friendly too.

It also has good lumbar support, which is quite important for chairs, because keeping your lower back in a healthy position is really important. You can enjoy sitting on that chair without worrying about damaging your lower back.

The chair also has tilting functionality, which is quite comfortable to sit back and enjoy your time especially after longer hours when you might want just a little break. The 360 degree swivel is even more useful if you have a bigger desk and it helps move around more freely.

The maximum weight it should support is 280 pounds which is quite a high number, and for the  price of this chair, this is definitely a pro. The adjustable seat high will make you feel even comfortable, if you are shorter or taller, so you won’t get as tired and feel uncomfortable while sitting at the chair.

One of the negative sides of this chair is that cushions are not utilized to the best of their abilities, after prolonged periods of usage you might find it a bit hard and not as comfortable as the first few months of usage. The armrests are made of hard material which might be a bit better if they had cushions on them as well.

If you are taller, you might find it uncomfortable for your arms to rest at a good position.


  • Good value for the money
  • Decent lumbar support
  • Feels really comfortable


  • Not the greatest cushioning on the seat and the armrests


BestOffice’s Ergonomic PU Leather High Back Chair

The design of this chair is really good and simplistic and one that makes you feel comfortable.

Its weight limit is 250 lbs and it also has adjustable height, comfortable soft PU leather made upholstery and ample padding. It is water and oil resistant and the arm rests are quite comfortable as well.

The tilting mechanism is quite good and it adds for a good comfort level and prolonged usage of the chair.

The price of the chair is at the low end and for that, the quality is really good. It might not be of the highest level, but it is worth its price.

If you want to use this chair for game playing it would be comfortable and enjoyable. But if you play for hours and hours, you might find it a bit uncomfortable, depending of the level of softness that you are used to. If you play moderate time (about 1-3 hours a day) this chair could definitely be the right one for you.

You might want to note that the lumbar support is lacking on this model. If you want of course you can use small cushion to fix that issue. The seat is very comfortable, but for prolonged usage, your lower back might need a bit of support.

To be honest this could be taken as a small advantage where you will feel the need to get up from the chair every now and then for a small break.

The armrests have good and comfortable feel, with a bit of softness which helps your arms feel more relaxed.

The assembling is quite easy and you can start using it almost immediately after you receive it.

This chair can be used for many different purposes too: as an office chair, at home for relaxing time in front of the TV and it will give you a lot of comfort and a good look for your room.


  • Good cushioning
  • Great price
  • Easy to assemble


  • Poor back support


AmazonBasics’ High-Back Executive Chair

This chair is upholstered in bonded leather and PVC. The padded seat and back are really comfortable, giving you more soft and comfy feeling when sitting at the chair. The maximum weight that this chair is capable of baring is 250 lbs, so if you are heavy or a bit too tall, might want to note that.

The assembly of the chair is quite easy. The manual is easy to follow and the overall experience putting it together is a breeze.

The chair can be adjusted for height, and of course tilt.

The chair has quite comfortable cushion all over it, even at the armrests. Which is really nice to have when you sit for more than an hour at this chair.

The price tag of this item is also on the low end, and it offers quite a durability for it.

The leather and PVC are durable and you could expect not to see any sign of using the chair for long time.

Now of course if you  use it more than 3-4 hours a day that might start to feel a bit more harder, but if you use it for an hour or 2 a day for game play you will enjoy it for quite some time.

The lower back support is good, not the best but good enough, and it won’t make your lower back hurt or feel tight after an hour of sitting. Unfortunately if you are tall, the cushion might not be enough.


  • Easy to put together
  • Great value for the money


  • Not the greatest lumbar support
  • Not recommended for extended periods of seating


Furmax’s Computer Gaming Chair

This chair has good design and comfortable high back support. Its is covered with PU leather and of course has adjustable height and seat flexibility. The tilt functionality, and the cushions of this chair, make it feel really comfortable when you are using it. The lumbar support is good, even if you are taller.

The maximum weight capacity is 280 lbs and it wont be a problem for heavy and taller people.

Supporting your lower back, and feeling good are one of the pros of this chair.

Its look is more of a gaming chair than office/working chair. The look of the chair is a bit slim, but it is quite durable.

This chair offer comfort that will be there after long time of usage, so if you play games more than 2-3 hours this chair could be perfect for you.

Its price is also at the low end, which is really good, when you notice the quality and durability of this chair.

The assembly time is also low, and doesn’t require a lot of effort.

If you are taller, consider the back of the chair, which is (28.34″), this might be a bit smaller if you are really tall, and your neck and head might not feel comfortable if you want to reach the back rest.

The armrest are comfortable, but their padding might be a bit harder and uncomfortable, depending what kind of softness you prefer for armrests.


  • Good value for the money
  • Comfortable feel
  • Good support
  • Cheap


  • Armrest padding is lacking
  • Not the greatest quality out there (but can’t overlook the price)


Kinsal’s Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support and Head rest

This chair has good looking, ergonomic design.

It offers stability, durability and good comfort level.

It has 360 degree swivel, 90 to 180 degree backward movement and allows you to really be comfortable, even if you want to lay down a bit.

The chair looks really good, it has adjustable armrests, adjustable height, quite good range of tilting, and it also comes with a bonus of headrest cushion and lumbar cushion.

The chair is covered with PU leather, which as we already noted is really durable and easy to clean. The maximum capacity of this chair is 280 pounds, which is really good.

The build quality is really good and feel really sturdy, which means that the durability of the chair is good.

The price might be a bit higher than the rest of the models, but it offers, quality and comfort to a level that you will be amazed.

Its tilt mechanism is really comfortable and useful if you enjoy having a bit more lean back chair, this chair is definitely something to consider. One of the greatest features here is the 180 degrees leaning capability, in short if you want to lay down and actually sleep this is the right chair for you.

This chair is built primarily for gaming, which is why it looks really great, and it will allow you to enjoy your games for more than an hour of playing time. The adjustable armrests are also a great future to have for a chair that is used for games providing you with good range of motion so that you can easily find the best position for you.

Something worth being noted, although I personally never worried that much about, is that it comes with new wheels that roll really smooth.

The lifting mechanism is really well built, and you might even find it a bit hard to adjust it.

The lumbar support pillow that comes with the chair is made of good material as well, it is durable and will not get flat easily. Both the back pillow an the head support one are fully adjustable so that you can move them to the position you will feel most comfortable at.

The seat of the chair is firm but also comfortable for prolonged sittings.


  • Although more expensive than the rest it provides for the best value for your money
  • Great design, feel, and comfort
  • 180 degree tilt mechanism
  • Lumbar support and head rest pillow that are adjustable and removable


  • Armrest do actually feel a bit cheap compared to the rest of the chair
  • The seat padding could be better


LANGRIA’s  Racing Style Faux Leather Gaming Chair

This chair has really good looking design, it is well padded and has high back and lumbar cushion.

It is really comfortable for even longer usage.

The backrest the seat and armrests are well-padded which provides really comfortable sitting.

The footrest is pull-out and flip over which is really comfortable for your feet. It will help them not get tired after an hour of sitting. That combined with the tilting mechanism (90 to 175 degrees) will allow you to rest comfortably after longer periods of sitting

The lumbar cushion is really good for your lower back, it is comfortable and when you sit will help you not get tired as fast.

The durability of this chair is good, it has maximum capacity of 265lbs.

The wheels are built really good as well, and they are good for home and office floors.

The price of the chair is also a bit higher than the rest of the models, but it offers good comfort, lumbar support, adjustable height, and really comfortable footrest.

If you want to play for longer periods and don’t want to damage your posture and feel tired after just an hour of usage, this chair is definitely worth checking.


  • Good value
  • Good lumbar support
  • Feet rest extension


  • The arm rest feels a bit wonky