The Best Christmas LED Lights [UPDATED] Recommendations for 2020

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It is that time of the year again – its Christmas time!

All year round we dream about fresh cookies, Christmas trees, hot chocolate and cozy Christmas pajamas. We can finally take the Christmas tree ornaments out of the boxes and feel the festive spirit again! But what is Christmas without the sparkly Christmas led lights to put over our windows and on the Christmas tree?

Christmas is never the same without great lights to decorate inside and outside the house. But some lights are not enough because most people want something good and different, something that will impress the neighbors, the passing people and the guests perhaps.

But how to pick some extraordinary, safely and high quality LED lights while there are so many products on the market? Well, don’t worry about that, because in this article we are going to present and review for you some of the best LED Christmas lights.

Let’s bring some sparkle to your home with some of best Christmas lights!

Hollow Ball LED Christmas String Lights

These beautiful Hollow Ball LED Christmas string lights are a fairy addition to your Christmas decoration. They are 80% more energy efficient than the traditional Christmas lights. The length of the wire of the lights is 29ft, consisting of 40 beautiful Moroccan hollow balls, made of metal.

These astonishing Moroccan metal balls are so beautiful that they will bring your Christmas decoration to a whole new level. The best thing about these lights is that even if one of the bulbs breaks, the rest of them will continue working without any problem.

There is minimal amount of heat emission, meaning that these LED lights do not heat – they stay cool when you touch them, which makes them an extremely safe decoration in houses with small children. They can also be safely used around your furniture or any fabrics.

However, the Hollow Ball LED lights cannot be used outside – they are not waterproof and are meant to be placed only indoors. You can put them over your bed for a simplistic look or you can put them over your fireplace where they will always be on display – the decision is up to you!


Wondise LED Lights

These charming lights are an incredible addition to your Christmas decoration – they bring comfort, warmth and happiness to your home. These LED lights will make you feel happy and will make you wait for the Christmas Eve with eagerness.

The lights are very battery operated They are conveniently placed in the package – put them where you want them to be.

The diamter of the lights is 3″, which is ideal for big windows.

The exciting thing about the lights is that they are actually have a timer. They are made with great Christmas look.


Icicle Christmas 24.6ft Solar String Lights

These lights consist of 6m long string with 40 icicle crystal water drops.

They are very delicate and tender and will add a sophisticated look to your living space. The icicle lights are quite different from the ordinary Christmas lights – they are much more interesting and eye-catching.

The lights have long working time and are charged by a solar panel. The solar panel makes them eco-friendly and extremely sufficient. After charging them during daytime, they can work up to 8 hours during the night.

Of course, there are two standard buttons – one for switching them off and on and another for switching between the 8 working modes.

The water drop lights will bring a romantic cozy vibe to your home.

How to choose the best Christmas LED lights for 2019?

As you might know, picking the best LED Christmas lights is more of a personal matter.

You best know what you need, depending on what project you want to achieve, how much money you are willing to spend and other things.

That is why we aimed to provide you with various options that  you can use and now it is up to you what you will pick.

The most important aspects of every Christmas Lights are:

  • Length of the cables
  • Number of lights and whether they provide heat
  • Are the lights suitable for outside use
  • Are the lights electric or battery operated

All in all, no matter what type of Christmas lights you choose to put inside or outside your house, you will definitely bring the holiday spirit to life.

All these Christmas light suggestions are excellent and perfect for a stylish and orderly home and will make you feel all Christmassy and festive.