Best Clocks for the Kitchen – 2021 Products and Recommendations

Kitchen clock

Wall clocks might seem obsolete, but they offer stylish and maybe even classic look to the house. If you love to spend time in the kitchen and don’t want to be distracted by modern technology, you can simply put a nice looking clock on the wall, so you can have an idea of the time.

You can add the clock as an accessory that fits the design of the kitchen and you can use it to check the time or check if your meal needs more time in the oven for example.

There are many stylish options on the market, so you can take a look at some of the best choices for the kitchen wall clocks.

hito Modern Silent Wall Clock Non Ticking 10 inch

This is a non-ticking wall clock with superior sweeping movement to guarantee true silence with the smooth second hand, time accuracy and stable performance in its long life. If you want a truly silent clock for your kitchen – you should take this one into consideration.

The clock is with white walls and silver coating with large black numbers and hands. The front cover is made from glass.

Overall this is one stylish, beautiful and easy to read kitchen clock. However, if you want or need – you can place it in a different room not only in the kitchen. The product is 10 inches of diameter and operates with one AA battery which is not included in the box. With one new battery, the clock can last up to one year.

Westclox 32038 Coffee Time 3-D Wall Clock

A unique 3D kitchen clock with the shape of a coffee mug. The design is absolutely unique and can get you a lot of compliments from guests. You can place it in your kitchen or even on your coffee table.

The clock is highly accurate thanks to the Quartz technology. It has a sturdy glass lens and
metal hands. Requires one AA battery for operation and with a new one it can last up to a year.

KiaoTime 13.5 inch clock

Another eye-catching kitchen clock that features a cook. Easy to hang. Requires one AA battery to operate properly, however, it is not included in the box.

If you want something really unique to hand over your kitchen – this clock can be the right one for you. Great design and size for medium sized kitchesn. Affordable price and wonderful looks that fit most kitchens.

Kitchen Wall Decorative 12 Inch Silent Non-Ticking Quartz Battery Operated Clock

The clock is with classic and colorful design with large Arabic numerals that are easy to read. The diameter of the body is 12 inches. It is made from wooden MDF with no frame or glass cover. The product is ideal for every kitchen. The mechanism is Quartz which is accurate and non-ticking. You

can easily hang the clock on the wall with the included nail slot on the back. Uses one AA battery to
operate that is not included in the box.

Bits and Pieces – Contemporary Kitchen Wall Clock


Decorate your kitchen or eating area with this attention-getting clock. Interspersed are silver-toned shimmering forks, soup spoons, spatulas and slotted spoons. The clock face is accented with minute and hour hands featuring a knife and fork.

Bring culinary expressionism to your kitchen in an
eccentric exhibition of contemporary decor. The diameter of the clock is 14 inches at its longest point. It requires one AA battery to operate that is not included in the box.

Buyer Guide


There are two main types of clocks – digital and analog. Depending on the design of your kitchen you can choose analog- which are more stylish and with more details, or you can go with the digital if you are going for more futuristic and modern design.


The design has to fit the rest of the kitchen. So when choosing a kitchen clock, consider things like:
Shape – it has to fit well on the place you want it to be hung. It has to fit with the rest of the furniture and cabinets.
Size – the size should be one which you can tell the time from every point of the kitchen, but it should also fit well with the surroundings.
Color – the color of the clock should fit the wall and the furniture around, so it feels like part of the kitchen, not just another object thrown in there.
Theme – the theme of the clock is up to you, if you want more simplistic look go with clean design and simple color combination, and if you want to go with more classic one that resembles a dinner plate or something similar, then pick ones that you enjoy.


The placement of the clock is important too. It has to be placed somewhere visible so you can tell the time at every point the day. So avoid walls against direct sunlight, and also do not hang it too high or too low – protect it from being broken by accidental touches, and do not place it high so that you can change its batteries with ease.