Best Color Changing Bulbs – 2021

Color changing lights

Are you one of the people that love innovations? There are plenty of new ideas and items on the market, many of which are cool and interesting. Some stick around for a bit and go away, and some stick for many years, when they are practical and cool and useful for the people.

One interesting thing, that is not quite new, but has increased in people’s idea and creativity is the RGB lighting. Most of the RGB lighting is used in gaming rooms and such, but actually you don’t need a lot of tools or settings or complicated installation, if you want to have cool lights that change their color with simple touch of a button. You might think, that those lights require specific installation and expensive equipment, but actually there are many high quality bulbs on the market, that you can simply put in your light socket and use a provided remove for the light color settings.

So you can enjoy having different color or brightness and other settings and create the musical or gaming or TV watching mood in your home.

iLC RGB LED Light bulbs

The first item is a pack of 4 bulbs with RGB functionality. There is a remote control to help you regulate the color and other settings.
The bulbs are LED which is great for longer life, and low power consumption, the bulb is only 3w.
It has e26 base, so you have to make sure that your socket is the same size and shape, so you can put the bulb in.

The bulb has beam angle of 270 degrees. It provides 200 lumens of light , which is great for most regular rooms.

The bulb has 12 colors for you to chose from and 6 levels of adjustable brightness.
There is also a button, which when used can turn the light in night mode to create a darker conditions for the room if you wish to have less light, but not turn off the bulb completely.

The bulb also offers flash effect, which can be used for when you want to listen to music and enjoy the effect, or if you are having a party and want to create more interesting athmosphere.
The bulb can also use the memory for storing the last color or the mode that has been used.

You can also set  a specific amount ot hours to turn off the bulb automatically. This functionality is great if you light to sleep with the light on, but want it to turn off when you are already asleep.

Sunnest 120 colors LED bulb

This bulb has RGB settings and provides a lot more colors. It can be set up for up to 120 different colors. It has 4 main colors, for quick access and you can also set up a more specific color with the remote control.

You can also set up the speed and brightness of the LED bulb. This way you can create an interesting athmospthere in your home. If you want to watch some TV with dimmed light or if you want to use the bulb as a night lamp.
The bulb is made to fit E26 socket.
There is also a memory function, the remote is small and easy to use, and the light has 10w of power consumption.There is also auto turning of function, which can be used by pressing of the button, each press is for adding 1 hour , the maximum amount is 23 hours.

The LED bulb, should last about 50,000 hours of lighting.

Govee LED Bulb with RGB and app

One of the different things about this bulb is that it can be controlled with an app on your smartphone. It can be used with bluetooth connection and you have to install the required app on your phone, and you can see all settings for the bulb in the app.

You can set the bulb to turn on or off at a specific time. There is also a sunrise function, that will increase the brightness of the bulb and a sunset functionality which will decrease the brightness.

The bulb has 16 million colors, and can be set to change with the music.
Another interesting way to change the color, is by taking a picture with your camera and selecting that color for the color of the bulb.

The bulb fits A19.

Buying Guide


One of the first things, when you are considering of changing your bulb of the light is the size.
Make sure that you know the number of your socket and then look for bulbs. It has to fit the specific size, otherwise you might need to return the bulb and waste some time and energy.


The regular bulb of 75w equals to roughly 700 lumens. So with that in mind, if you want to get bright bulb or maybe few bulbs with more dimmable light, make sure you take this into account.
The LED power is a bit different, 8-10 watts are equal to about 700 lumens.

Amount of bulbs

The amount of bulbs would depend on the amount of sockets you have,and the amount of light you would expect. If you want to use the bulbs for night time only, to create more colorful or dimmable light, then 5-10W LED bulb would be enough, but if you want to use the bulb for everyday conditions, you might need to get one with higher watts number of simply add 2 or 3 more bulbs. This way you can use the bulbs for regular lighting during the day, and dimmable light with different colors and even effect at night.

How many colors

The number of colors can vary from one bulb to another. It can be as low as few colors and up to millions of colors. The bulbs which are RGB are usually LED, and thus making them low power and with many color settings. So depending on what type of effect you are looking you might want to consider the color number.

How to change the colors

The bulbs usually come with a remote, which is small and quite easy to use. You can simply click a button to change the color or lower the brightness or other settings. There are bulbs that come with a bluetooth control and smartphone app. So if you wish you can simply use your phone to control the settings of the light in your room.