Best Comfortable Keyboards for Typing – 2020 Buying Guide and ideas


If you work at office and you have to type a lot on the computer. If you play at your home, or just use the keyboard a lot, you know that some keyboards are less comfortable than others. Some of the best comfortable keyboards are quiet, have great ergonomic design and offer easier access to other functions and the buttons are also easy to press and typing is great.






The Logitech MK345 wireless combo includes keyboard with palm rest and right handed mouse.

The combo is great for fast and easy typing, and also the wireless tech is providing a lot more options for you to move them around.

The keyboard has good looking design, quiet typing spill-resistant design and easy-access media keys, some of them include mute, volume and play.

The connection is 2.4 GHz, it is good for typing and using the mouse with ease.The batteries offer 3 year keyboard and 18 month mouse battery life (mouse battery life may vary).

The keyboard and mouse combo works with PCs using Windows or Chrome operating systems.

HyperX Keyboard


This option for fast and comfortable typing is a bit more pricey. But it has great design and includes RGB lighting.

You can personalize the LED lighting effects. The keyboard is comfortable and also spill resistant, with great durable frame and can resist up to 120ml of liquid.

The keys are quiet and comfortable. It is compatible with windows 10 8.1 8 and 7.

Microsoft Comfort Curve Desktop 3000


This one is another comfortable keyboard by Microsoft. It has interesting design that is curvy and offers a lot of comfort.

It is affordable and has ergonomist-approved design.

There are hot keys.

The keyboard is quite comfortable, makes typing easy and doesn’t make too much noise. So if you are typing a lot and don’t want to bother other people around, it is good option. The price is average and offers a lot of great performance.

Great for everyday usage and for people that spend some time typing.

DBPOWER Three Colors Backlit LED Keyboard

First thing of this keyboard that we need to share with you is the the great design. It looks amazing, and offers many interesting functions such as LED backlit with 3 colors with different modes. If you love keyboards with similar keys, that are not too flat, this keyboard is great for you. This keyboard is great for typing, gaming, browsing and more.

It is affordable and has standard USB plug&play function.

The design is ergonomic and user friendly, comes with 104 keys. 19 non-conflict keys. Offers a lot of durability and has removable caps, also features strengthened space key – which is one of the most used keys when typing.

Tanix Large Print Computer USB White LED Backlit Keyboard

This keyboard design is also interesting. It is different than the others in many ways, one of the main ones is the oversized letters. So if you like to look at the letters or if you don’t like the standard/smaller letters this is great option.

They keyboard is affordable and features interesting functions such as LED backlight, with wite color, which gives interesting look for the keyboard.

They keyboard has stanard plug&play function with 5ft USB cable.

It is also spill resistant and has ergonomic , comfortable design, which is great for typing.


Buyer’s Guide

When you are looking for a keyboard, there are some things that you should consider when making your choice.

The usability

Are you going to use this as your main PC keyboard, which you use for everything like working, gaming, internet browsing and general stuff?
If so, the keyboard should have more functionality than the average one, there are keyboards that have more buttons than others, and they offer a lot more functionality to help with the different tasks on the computer.

The price

Depending on your price range, you can find good keyboards in each of the price class – affordable/mid/high.
If you want to have average keyboard, look for brands that are liked by most people and take under consideration the amount you want to spend on it.

The comfort

The main part of the keyboard, if you are looking for typing keyboard. If you are working as a copywriter or something that requires you to type a lot of text, then you should consider a comfortable keyboard. Comfortable might be different for different people, but generally speaking, it should have ergonomic design, and depending on the type of keys you prefer – whether more flat and simplistic or bigger one with more press length.

The design

The design, has to be something that fits in your room or with your desk or computer. IT should look nice, and you should enjoy using it too.
When purchasing keyboard, make sure you like it , and it is comfortable and fits well with the rest of the desktop.