Best Commercial Kitchen Timers [UPDATED] Recommendations for 2020

commercial kitchen timer

When it comes to preparing the perfect meal, ingredients and seasonings are just small part of the end result. If you want to succeed in your culinary venture, you should really know how much time your dish needs to be in the oven or on the hot play.

One simple example we can give you is in the way you boil an egg. In order to get soft-boiled eggs, you have to boil it for exact 3 minutes, otherwise you will get a hard-boiled one if the period is longer. If it is shorter than 3 minutes, you will still have a raw egg.

There are many methods out there to keep an eye on the time. We think that the best way is to get a reliable kitchen timer.


West Bend Digital Timer

This is one professional- looking timer.

It works with one AAA battery.

It is equipped with a jumbo digital LCD, a maximum time of 100 hours, as it can be used for meals that require more cooking time. One benefit of this model is that it contains a large keypad with numbers 0 to 9, making it easy to enter your set time.

You won’t lose time clicking on two buttons in order to set the time like other models.

The alarm will apprize for 2 minutes before it goes off automatically. One great timer, everyone should have in their kitchen.


CDN TM15 Extra Large Big Digit Timer

We are aware of the fact that not everyone is willing to spend a lot of money for something like this. So we thought that we should include more affordable products.

This one is a such product, which has a large digital screen and count a maximum time of 99 minutes and 59 seconds. It also includes pocket clip, magnetic back and stand for easy handling. It works with one AAA battery and even better the battery is included.

You can use it for big tasks, although it is a simple timer.


Wrenwane Digital Kitchen Timer

This is one digital timer on a reasonable price, equipped with a large digital display, as you can choose from counting down or up when pre-setting it.

The timer can be set to could the time to maximum 99 minutes and 59 seconds (or 1 hour and 40 minutes). The alarm here is loud enough to be heard no matter where you at in the house, as it won’t turn of alone, which is a great plus.

In order to use it, you will need to put one AAA battery. This timer is definitely worth a shot.


Presto 04213 Electronic Digital Timer

This is another model that has an acceptable price tag, and it only needs one AAA battery to work.

This timer has big digital face, making the reading easier, as it also counts a maximum time of 1 hour and 39 minutes and 59 seconds. It has plenty of settings and it can also work as a stopwatch if you pre-set it right. The alarm will go off after 30 seconds.

Do not let the price fool you, this is very reliable timer, even though it is on the low price range.


Kikkerland Kitchen Timer

This model is a mechanical one.This timer can be a great accessory for your kitchen, as it cute, space-saving and drags attention.

The alarm goes off after 5 seconds, as the maximum time of counting is 55 minutes. This timer is definitely a must have, not only because of its charming design, but for its functionality.

Buyer Guide

What are Kitchen Timers?

Depending on the setting, the kitchen timer can measure an interval and count it in one or another way, in this case-up or down. Every kitchen timer has one main goal- to count the time your dish has been preparing, even though that there are plenty of models out there to choose from.

If you are just starting your culinary journey, timer like this can be extremely helpful for you. It will count the exact time, so you won’t have to worry about your meal.

Timing is one of the main factors when cooking. Every minute plays a big role. We can give you a lot of examples how if you do not use a clock, your dish can end up in the trash.

What to Look For

You can choose from mechanical or digital timers.

Here is the difference between those two.

The most well-known timer, which is the egg one is categorized as mechanical timer. Those models can count up to 60 minutes. The most recent ones have a clockwork interface that measures the time. Their advantage is that you can choose the exact minute you want your timer to start its countdown. A mechanical alarm will announce when the timer reaches the starting position.

Those timers are very affordable and reliable, as they are not connected to the electrical network. They are also very easy to use and free standing. All you need to do is to tune it and leave it anywhere you prefer.

No matter what you buy, there are always going to be some disadvantages. Mechanical timers do not make a difference. The main downs here is the volume of the alarm, as well its length. Be sure to keep the timer near you, just because the alarm is not long and loud enough to be heard if you are in the other room.

Other negative thing is that if you have weak eyesight, you won’t be able to see the tiny numbers on the dial.

The third and final weak spot of those timers is that you will have to rewind the timer, if you have to cook more than an hour, which can give you an off-timing for a minute or even more.

In order to power a digital timer, you need to put a battery. You can use it when you have a meal that requires to be cooked for more than an hour. Here, you won’t have problems with rewinding the timer or closing your eyes slightly in order to see how much time is left. The timer uses a big digital display, which shows the left time with big and clear numbers.

With this timer, you will be able to hear the alarm even when you are upstairs- it is continuous and loud, so there is no way of forgetting about your feast.

Digital timers might be confusing, because in order to operate right, you need to set it in a certain way. Also, you need to put batteries frequently, which can be a bit expensive if you use it for a long period of time.

Final thoughts:

Mechanical timers are straight-forward to use, easy to maintain and effortless, whereas the digital ones can be a pain in the neck, as they have many buttons and functions, which you may find useless. You have to be extremely careful with digital timers, as a little water, knock or electric shock can put an end to it.