Best Compasses For Easy Orienteering [UPDATED] Reviews & Recommendations for 2020

best compass

Compasses are essential pieces when you are on the go. They can be extremely helpful if you are in the wild or doing an orienteering outing and need a reliable and trustful navigation system.

We know that nowadays the world is full of different kind of technologies, and many people now use GPS devices, but nothing can beat the good old compass. It won’t leave your back even in the toughest parts of your journey.

The good thing with compass is that it does not work with satellites in order to determine your location and it does not have a battery.

The tricky part of every purchase is to find the right product that will suit your requirements. This article contains some of the best models available on the market. Every model listed here has its own charm and features.

Let’s get a closer look of each of them.


Here is another great product from Suunto that it is well-known for its smooth operator skills. This compass is not like the others, as it uses large liquid reservoir that lets the needle make its way to the right direction, without any deviations.

The adjustable declination in combination with the exceptionally accurate designations help you confront the true and magnetic north, in order to get fast adjustments if needed.

No matter the temperatures, the bezel will remain its quick deal.


  • Versatile


This compass is protected from damage with a snap-down lid, which comes as a sighting mirror once it’s doubled. This also helps you create a lengthier plan, as you won’t need to double check.

You can use this compass even when the light is scant, as there are luminous points included. This model also uses liquid reservoir, which will let the needle floats to the right side and show you the accurate coordinates.

The silicon feet will stick to the map, making it easier for you to continue your transition. Side tip here is to always bring a rotating bezel, magnifier, a ruler and a clinometer.


  • There is a minimum chance of a bubble display, even after a long term usage
  • Versatile
  • Good for finding azimuth


  • There is a chance of getting your declination screws stripped out of the box



Suunto is one very well-known brand that offers amazing products. The company mainly focuses their attention on watches, but this doesn’t stop them from experimenting and going out of their comfort zone. Their compass series are prove that they can make something totally different, but still succeed in it.

This particular model is unbelievable, as it is made like a watch, so if you need to look at the direction, just glance on your wrist.

The compass is not a huge one, but you can still use it even if you have gloves on. The model uses a two zone system that will guarantee for precise coordinates in the north.

One disadvantage here is that if you take it down under, the device will be useless. This is a great product, but unfortunately it is not waterproof, which means you should take care of it around water or if it starts raining.


  • Great model
  • Extreme accuracy


  • Not water resistant
  • Modest size


This is a product that is perfect for everyone that is on the budget but wants a reliable buddy while travelling. This is a nice military-style model that can suit perfectly both beginners and advanced users. In order to resists oxidation, the compass is covered in an aluminum case that has been glazed with black powder.

You will get simple directional tracking even when its dark, thanks to the luminous points added on the rotating bezel. The exact reading is assured by the magnifying lens that have been broke into 2 degree increments. The only thing that you should consider when you want a correct accuracy is to adjust the compass once in a while.


  • Engraved dual sighting lines
  • Can be used in low lighting environments


  • Limited precision


This compass is made by the United States military, as it is also licensed, which means it is very durable and reliable. It will continue its trustworthy work even in the toughest conditions, as it is weatherproof and water resistant.

It is able to work even in down to fifty below Fahrenheit.

You can use it even at night, as the model is equipped with tritium micro lights. The navigation is smooth, because of the precise gradations placed on the azimuth ring, sight wire and magnifying lens.


  • Truly lensatic
  • Versatile
  • Durable


  • Significant weight


Here is the last suggestion in this list, which is extremely accurate, with deviations up to only 1/2 a degree. The model is equipped with polished sapphire jewel bearing, via Alnico V magnets that allows you pole tracking. There is no way of getting false information about your location, as the compass is cleverly made, in order to suit your needs no matter where you are.

You can use it even in the water, as it is made of waterproof cast aluminum. In order to get additional correctness, the graduations have been broken into plenty of single degrees that have 10 minute readable demarcations.

This model is so durable, that it will be very hard for you to make it stop working. It comes in leather case, making it very high style looking.


  • The perfect balance point is very easy to find, thanks to the dual levs
  • Extremely Durable and Waterproof


  • The low angles cannot stake the measurements, because of the protrusions
  • Pricey