Best Condenser Microphones For Audio Recording | Product Reviews and Recommendations Guide for 2018

condenser microphone

If you like to record and need a microphone that will give you the best sound quality to your voice and other instruments, you should think about getting a condenser one. These microphones are able to follow every sound wave and can catch all of the frequencies. Everything they get is more accurate than the others and that is why the condenser microphones are the most preferred from the intermediate users.

The sound of the condenser mics is more natural, clear and transparent. The better models have a wide frequency response rate, hotter output, respond faster to the transient and so on. Their advantages before the regular ones are many and obvious, so you should think seriously about getting one. If you don’t know what to choose, don’t worry because we are going to help you by presenting to you some of the best condenser microphones that currently can be found on the market.

Rode NT1-A

This is one of the best condenser microphones that can be bought. It can deliver very warmth to the sound scene and has a dynamic range.

The price is pretty good so most people can afford it. It is even cheaper compared to other mics in its class.

This model will provide you with super clean sounds and voice, has high sound pressure level capabilities and it is pretty sturdy, so you won’t worry about dropping or accidentally hitting it.

About the brand, Rode is one of the leading brands in the manufacturing of recording gear.

This is great and quiet studio microphone with 5dBA self-noise level and it is most ideal for you to record vocals on it, but can do great job with guitars and percussion as well.

It has 1-inch large capsule and gold-plated diaphragm and that is another reason that many professionals, semi-professionals and home users prefer it.

M-Audio Nova

Another great condenser microphone, this time made by M-Audio. This model is budget-friendly and will let your records to have a new life.

With it you will get clear voice recording and every unwanted sound coloration will be absent as the distortion.

You can mix low-noises.

The microphone has large 1-inch evaporated diaphragm with gold plating.

It is reliable and the body is made from solid brass and it is capsulated, so you can expect long period of exploitation without any problems at all.

This condenser microphone comes with soft case and a hard mount – some additional accessories which can be useful for some.

Blue Microphones Yeti

This might be the best condenser microphones that has a USB connectivity and being capable of recording and capturing audio with 16 bit and 48kHz resolution.

You can even select the polarity of the microphone to have the best flexibility while recording.

The product has integrated amplifier for headphones, which is another great feature that most models don’t have.

You can gain the capturing volume of the mic with the built-in control.

It also has a button for mute if you need it at some point.

This microphone is fully compatible with Windows and Mac computers and it comes with an USB cable in the package so you can start recording the same minute you unpack it.

If you need to storage or carry the microphone, it can be folded and become very compact.

Rode K2

Another suggestion by Rode but this model is more on the expensive side.

As you can expect, for the price you get a lot of features and higher quality.

For a middle-price range condenser microphone, this one has the quality of the high-end ones.

This model will give you warm and very detailed sound like you are in a studio, even if you are at home.

It has cardioid polar pattern that many consider for the best that one condenser microphone can have. This mic is made only from high quality materials and the electronics in it are from the audiophile grade.

The body is strong and sturdy, so you can expect a long years of service from the product.

If you want a good balance between concise and clear sound with some great quality, this condenser microphone might be the one for you. It is perfect for drum overheads, vocals, pianos, acoustic instruments and much more.

AKG Pro C214

This is one really cost-efficient condenser microphone that has a large professional diaphragm.

It is well designed and made to be the cheaper substitute of the high-end microphones by AKG.

It has 1-inch capsule and integrated suspension for maximum reducing of the mechanical noises. You get also a 20dB switchable attenuation for recording from different sources with sound pressure level up to 156 dB.

The body of the microphone is slightly wider, but this is good from recording point of view, because it will pick more sound.

This mic is recommended for vocals and the most instruments. It is very affordable and durable, so for the price you will get one very good product.