Best Decorations for Gaming Rooms – 2021 Recommendations

Top Gaming Decorations for your room

If you want to make your gaming room more personalized, it can fit your theme and overall design idea with many different options.
It can be light with natural colors, or dark with smooth lighting.

There are many decorations that can fit your style. There are pillowcases, decals, stickers, lights, panels, furniture, figurines, tv cabinets and many more.
You have to fit all gaming items with a similar style and create your perfect idea of gaming room so that you can enjoy spending time playing your favorite games and relaxing.

Maylit RGB LED Light Strip

An RGB Led light strip is one of the best decorations for a gaming room. This one can be used to decorate your TV or monitor, your PC or something else. It has 16 colors and 4 dynamic modes and the light is dimmable.

In the box you will also get a 24-key IR remote control – with it you can change
and adjust the lights on the go. The LED light strip can help you relieve the eye strain which is caused by the difference in the picture brightness. The strip is easy to install thanks to the double-sided strong adhesive and the foldable on 180 degrees design. However, you should only try to stick it on a
clean flat surface.

Foamily 12 Pack- Burgundy/Charcoal Acoustic Panels

A pack of 12 acoustic panels that is great for so many different purposes and of course one of them is for a gaming room decoration. Each panel comes in an uncompressed and prime condition. The product is good for spot treating sound on walls in your studio or office – for use in gaming rooms, recording studios, control rooms, offices home studios, home entertainment theaters and so on.

The whole 12 pack covers 12 square feet – each tile is one square foot of 1-inch thick acoustic wedge. Suitable for professional acoustic control, sound dampening, acoustic treatment, noise reduction – reduce waves, reverb and flutter echoes in smaller to medium-sized rooms. Attractive and modern design in burgundy and charcoal colors that can make every gaming room more appealing.

Wall Decal Gamer Gaming Joystick Vinyl Art

This is high of quality wall decal especially made for making a gaming room more appealing. The decal is 24 x 43 inches and is made of two sheets. The vinyl that was used for the decal is one of the best in the industry – Oracal 651.

It is perfect for indoor and even outdoor use and will last for at least five years. It is made in the USA and offers exceptional quality.

Such decals are great for decorating and can be applied to any smooth or semi-smooth surface: mirrors, glass, doors, cars plastic and walls inside and outside. They can be removed without any sticky residue, but these decals are not reusable after removal.

Paladone PlayStation Icons Light with 3 Light Modes

With this product, you can light your gaming room with the symbols and icons from the hugely popular and fun PlayStation gaming system. The PlayStation icon light illuminates the dark with a soft colorful glow.

When hosting your next party or game/streaming night at your home, get everyone talking about your iconic, stylish PlayStation icons light. Instantly recognizable and be sure that everyone will want one.

This light has 3 different light modes with standard lighting and special effect color phasing. It is music reactive, so you can turn up the sound. Use this novel decoration for a themed room. This instantly recognizable PlayStation icon light makes a great present for gamers and fans of the popular gaming system. Perfect as a unique stocking stuffer or birthday present. It can be powered by a USB or three AAA batteries.

TOMKEY Hidden Zippered Pillowcase Gamer Game Controller

If you are that kind of gamer that would like to add more and more gaming details into his room, you will like this zippered pillowcase with a game controller on it. It is made from polyester blend and is made in the USA. The dimensions are 18 x 18 inches. Both sides of the pillowcase are with the same design. The zipper is fully invisible and well-hidden – easy to unzip and zip.

The pillowcase can be machine washed or by hand – you should use not more than 30 degrees temperature of the water and not wash it with dark clothes at the same time. The package includes one piece of the pillowcase without a pillow insert. You can find it in a variety of models, sizes, and colors if you do not like this one.

Buyer Guide

When we are discussing getting gaming accessories – there is quite an important factor – the personal choice.
It really depends on the type of gaming room, design, theme, and games that you love.


If you are more into old school games and gaming room design, then consider purchasing a classy or antique look. Some examples are – tv cabinets, antique furniture, more natural colors for the room and items inside.


If you are more into the modern looks, then consider the latest styling in furniture, items, pillows, stickers and many more.
There are plenty of choices of the modern style decorations for the gaming room. Some examples are – modern looking gaming storage centers, bean bag chairs, simplistic gaming desks and many more.
Modern colors might include darker ones or brighter ones, or mixed with stylish design.


When getting decorations, consider the price, size, theme, and quality of the materials. If you are looking for something big like furniture – consider the price and quality before purchasing, it should last you for a long time, so it has to be durable, and most durable items are a bit more expensive.
If you are looking for some small accessory to add to your desktop items, then do a quick google search for gaming accessories for your desk and there are plenty of examples on the internet.