The Best Decorations for Kids’ Room – 2020 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Kids playing room decorations

With some really interesting and good looking decorations, that might make your children more creative and enjoying its play time in their room, you can create different places for them to play. Decorations can be fun and also interesting. You can use them on the walls, on the furniture, on the ceiling and much more.

Depending on the type of toys and animations that your children enjoy, you can pick different shapes, types and more.

Below are some of the best decorations for kids’ room.




RoomMates Just Dots Primary Peel and Stick Wall Decals

This decoration includes 31 wall decals that are very easy to apply – just peel and stick. You can apply them to every smooth surface. They can be removed anytime and do not leave any sticky residue.

With them you can give your kids’ room an instant make-over or just to freshen the look of it. The decals are printed on high-quality vinyl that is backed with a revolutionary adhesive technology exclusively made for wall applications.

The decorations are ready to use and you can be sure that
they will not damage your walls or leave any residue. You can even reposition them if needed – they will be able to stick again. The product is great for a decoration of a kids’ room and is budget-friendly.

Glow in The Dark Stars and Planets, Bright Solar System Wall Stickers

With this product you can decorate your kids’ room and even create a whole planetarium. Be sure that there is nothing more wondrous for a child of any age than the sky above. With these decals you can create a whole galaxy with eight realistic planets with sun and stars glowing brightly in the dark.
The decoration is easy to apply – just peel and stick.

Every part of the set is thick and durable, some of the parts are glowing in the dark.

The product is great for a gift as well because it can inspire very curious kid and can be an educational aid.

The luminous celestial parts can be charged with light just for three minutes. And if you expose them to light at least five minutes every day – you can be sure that they will shine bright at night.

This decoration set can even help the children to overcome their fear of the dark. Just make sure that you are applying them to a clean and flat surface.

Cartoon Animals Wall Stickers DIY Children Mural Decals

These wall stickers are great for a kids’ room decoration. They are easy to apply – just peel them and stick them to a flat and clean surface. They can be removed and reused if you want to reposition them.

The stickers are with cute animals like giraffe, elephant, lion, monkey, cow, turtle and so on.
With them you can create a new fresh look for your kids’ room and more educational and enchanting atmosphere. You can stick the decals to any flat and clean surface like wall, glass, door, window pane and so on.

There are two sheets of 70×25 centimetres with stickers.

Glow in The Dark Stars for Ceiling or Wall Stickers

This product contains of super bright night glowing stars. They are easy to apply – just peel them and stick. You can be sure that the stars will glow for a long time. With them you can create a magic galaxy for your child.

The decoration set is suitable for a gift for both boys and girls. You can even use it for an adults’ room if you want to create a more romantic ambiance. With this glowing star decorations you can help your kid to overcome the fear from the dark.

They are easy to apply and can be removed without leaving any residue. Just keep in mind that they should be applied to a flat and clean surface.

Moon, Stars and Clouds Wall Decals

A great package full of galaxy decals to decorate your kids’ room with them. In the set are included one moon, three clouds and 40 stars. The size of the moon is 29×25 centimetres, the clouds ranges from 29 to 57 centimetres and the stars are from 2.5 to 9.2 centimetres.

All of them are made from high-quality material and are easy to stick.

You can use them on every flat and clean surface such as walls, tiles, glass and even wallpapers. Keep in mind that the decals can unstuck easily if you do not stick them to a flat or clean surface – the dust can prevent them to keep attached to the surface as well.