The Best Desktop Toys and Gifts Product Ideas and Reviews for 2020

best gift ideas for office desktop

Work stress is something very common in our world today.

And it is not a secret to anyone that stress is not a good thing. When you are stressed you do not feel good, you are not that well concentrated, you might get irritated and angry and stress affects your health and well being.

You can reduce stress when taking few minutes to relax and desktop toys are one very interesting way to do that.

You can just look at them or play a bit, they can relax you and calm you down buy providing a brief little distraction. They can help you focus and relax.

Not only that those little desk station toys are amazing to look at and can provide for a small conversation with curious colleagues but they can make your office station look a little more interesting by making your surroundings less boring.

And not to forget that they are also a great idea when looking for a gift for your colleagues.


Liquid Motion Bubbler for Sensory Play

The liquid motion bubbler is great for children and even adults can enjoy it too. Perfect if you are looking or a gadget to place on your desktop. It is interesting to look at and can provide you with a peace of mind.

The product has descending bubbles that seem interesting and mesmerizing effects which keeps interest and relaxes when you look at them.

The gravity will gude the droplets and they travel down at slow speed.

The drops are interesting and provide for a little show with an amazing effect and the looks good on your desk and it doesn’t take a lot of space

It is affordable too.

They are great idea for a gift for your colleagues or if you want to customize your personal desktop space.


Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball

The Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball is interesting item to place on your desktop. The work environment is often stressful so you might want to relieve the stress.

One of the best ways to relieve it is to play with something and focus your mind there. Also another way is to relieve some of the stress in physical way, meaning to hit something.

What better to hit than a punching ball?

It is not noisy, doesn’t take much space and could help you relieve stress at work. Also it is interesting to look and good thing to place on your desktop making it one great toy for stress relief.

The item is not pricey and it with good quality materials.

It is great item for funny gift for kids and coworkers too. Especially great gift for anyone working in a stressful environment like a customer care representative.


Westminster’s Magnetic Sand Timer

The Westminster Magnetic Sand Timer is another great toy to place on your desktop station.

It has the standard sand timer shape, and it is about 14 x 8 cm in size. It is interesting and relaxing to watch the sand fall and create those amazing shapes.

If you need a moment to relax at your work something like this might be what you need. It will allow you to clear your mind.

It is affordable item to place on your desktop. Which is interesting funny and won’t take much space.


Mini Wooden Bowling Game

The Mini Bowling Game is interesting item.

It is made of wood. The game is easy to set up and fun to play even if you’ve never even tried bowling.

Stand up the mini bowling pins position the remap in the desired direction and send the ball rolling.

The game is funny, it is small, affordable and funny idea for desktops. It provide for nice little fun time if you just want a brief moment to relax from work.

It is not too big so it can be fitted on your desk station pretty easily. It’s size is 11.6 x 3.9 inches.

It has wooden base, 10 bowling balls, ramp and a ball.


Fengirl’s Desktop Miniature Basketball Game Toy

Okay, so maybe you are not much into punching or bowling.

That’s okay.

What about basketball then?

The Fengirl’s desktop miniature basketball game is another great option to place on your desktop to have a bit of fun time. And don’t worry about the ball. You won’t need to chance it around your office or look around under your desk. It is safely mounted by a little cord.

It relaxes you , relieve stress and is affordable too.

Great for relaxation and relieving of the stress that can accumulate at work. It is cheap and overall a great little toy you can place on your working station.

The size it not too big, so it won’t take much space but it looks interesting.

It is great idea for gift too.